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Armor: 42/100 (84/100 with Death Watch Mode)

Power: 43/100 (86/100 with Death Watch Mode)

Intelligence: 77/100 (154/100 with Death Watch Mode)

Speed: 42/100 (84/100 with Death Watch Mode)

Special: 58/100 (116/100 with Death Watch Mode)

Strength: 76/100 (152/100 with Death Watch Mode)

Special Moves: Deadly Strike, Death Blow

Finisher: Casualty Smash


Origin: Junkyard Scraps

Weight: 300 LBS

Announcing Line: You better run, because death is at your door. Here's the killing machine, Fatality!

Features: Blood Core (Death Watch Mode), Skull-X Motherboard

Metals: Steel, Uranium, Platinum

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Corrosive Fists

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Glass Cannon

Status: Working

Height: 6' 7"

Total Wins: 23

Total Losses: 1

Ties: N/A

Fatality was a robot placed in a bet by Johnny John Johnson for the Ragnorak vs Shockwave fight. Shockwave barely won, winning by points. Johnny finished Fatality after the fight was over. (a.k.a now (August 2017)) Fatality is built from scraps from Junkyard Scraps, where both Shockwave and Destroyer, another robot controlled by Johnny, were built. Fatality has two features. One is the Blood Core. This core, activated fully when Fatality is about to get destroyed, (Death Watch Mode) increases Fatality's stats to double the normal stats. However, this depletes the core quickly, so this is used as a last resort. Fatality's other feature is the Skull-X Motherboard. This top secret motherboard allows Fatality perform complex calculations, analyse opponents, and makes Fatality a dangerous opponent. Fatality is a red robot with oversized armor pieces covering its body and glows dark red.


Johnny was tired after the Ragnorak vs Shockwave fight. However, he got some random parts Janise Keri gave him after fighting. He put them on his table and cataloged them. Then he saw a black core that glowed blood-red. He also saw a strange motherboard that had a skull etched on it. He decided to finish the robot that he used in the bet. After a week, he finished making Fatality. He placed Fatality next to his other robots and went to sleep.

The First Kill

Finn, the Crash Palace owner, knew that Johnny had been working on a robot. He called Johnny and said the Crash Palace was waiting for Johnny to show off his robots again. Johnny told Finn he would go there the next day where Fatality would fight Aquabot. Aquabot and Fatality walked up to each other in the ring. When the bell rang, Aquabot started to beat up Fatality. The crowd started to boo, but then Fatality to glow with more power. Then Fatality grabbed Aquabot and punched him in the chest so hard, Aquabot COMPLETELY fell apart. The crowd gasped, then cheered. Fatality's glow started to weaken, then he stood still. Fatality depleted his energy, but everyone was too excited to see this robot destroy others to notice. Johnny smiled and collected his prize.

Raking In The Cash (And Kills!)

Johnny used Fatality in more fights, earning him more money and fame.

Below are the fights from the Underworld.

Total money: $6850

Opponent Result Reward
Aquabot Win $500
Bluebot Win $500
Metro Win $650
Six Shooter Win $600
Blacktop Win $600
Fat Boy Win $600
Blockbuster Win $700
BioWar Win $700
Hollowjack Win $800
Midas Win $1200, The King

of the Underworld


Killing the WRB

Fatality reached the ears of the WRB. They decided to call Johnny and accept Fatality into the WRB. Johnny told the WRB he would fight Blac Jac again even though Fatality was "qualified" for the WRB. When Blac Jac started beating down Fatality, Death Watch Mode destroyed Blac Jac, earning Johnny more money and fame.

Below are the fights Fatality fought in the WRB.

Total money: $45000

Opponent Result Reward
Blac Jac Win $2500, Entry

into the WRB

Abandon Win $2500
Cosmobot Win $2500
Sun Wukong Win $2500
Hattori 2.0 Win $2500
Nitro Win $2500
Excavator Win $3000


Win $3000
Touchdown Win $3000
Tackle Win $4500
Steampunk Win $4500
Twin Cities Win $5500
Zeus Loss N/A
Zeus(rematch) Win $6500, Champion

of the WRB

Custom Killing

Destroying Zeus made Fatality the Champion of the WRB. Now Fatality destroys custom bots.

Below are the custom bot fights that Fatality fought in.

Opponent Result Reward

(Coming Soon)


-Fatality's Blood Core was created by terrorists trying to create a super powerful explosive. The failed experiment became the Blood Core.

-The Skull-X Motherboard is from a supercomputer created by the military from an UFO.

-Fatality has been tagged and tracked by police and military for being made from super powerful parts.

-Johnny was given the Skull-X Motherboard by a rogue general who thought he would help him in world domination. Instead, Johnny turned him to military officials.

-Janise Keri (Subnauticatracer) was going to use Fatality as parts for Ragnorak if he won. Shockwave won.

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