Fat Boy
Vital statistics
Title "The Steam Punk Hunk"
Generation 2
Bot Type Stone Wall
Status Online


Weight: 1921 lbs

Height: 8'1

Origins: USA

Special Move: Gut Buster

Super Gut Buster (Albino)

Ultra Gut Buster (Hollowjack)






Health: 1200

Power: 88

Special: 11

34 Stars

Real Steel iOS

Fat Boy does well in armor and power, but unfortunately he's kind of slow.

A: 8 P: 8 S: 4

Buying him will also give the player free boosts 2x each.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Fat Boy is introduced in the Real Steel World in the WRB game.

Fat Boy is the second opponent the player will fight in the Underworld, Division 1. He's also one of the first starter robots purchasable by the player, along with Ambush and Bio War. His special move is called "Gut Buster".

Announcer's Quote: ''He's huge, he's round, he'll pound you into the ground...Fat Boy!''


  • Fat Boy got his nickname from his giant stomach-like chassis. This improves his defense but makes him very slow.
  • He is added into the Real Steel IOS game in the new update.
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