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The Bot with a rivalry with Turbo

Name:FastMach V

Nickname:The Quickest Bot

Special Move:Trax-Smash

Owner:Lewis Smith

Made in:Wisconsin (USA)

Generation 4

Robot Type:Brawler

Special Feature:Cobra Plating,Speed Circuit Control

Armor:96/100(998/1000,in Speed Circuit Control)

Speed:100/100(1000/1000 in Speed Circuit Control)

Power:78/100(770/1000 in Speed Circuit Control)

Special:85/100(890/1000 in Speed Circuit Control)


Built by Turbo's Rival,Lewis Smith was jealous of Jacob's bot and decided to built a better bot to beat Turbo,and used to rank him up in the underworld,with his winnibgs he decided to buy a chip called Speed Circuit Control in which boosts the entire system and increased it up to 1000 and soon after he was ready to battle.

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