Farra Lemkova was Tak Mashido's Russian partner. She attempted to buy Atom from Charlie Kenton and Max Kenton by offering $200,000 for the bot. While her father, Sergei was the money and Tak was the creator behind Zeus, Farra struck fear across her opponents and at the same time beauty.


Lemkova is a very attractive young woman with dark-brown hair that is worn in a ponytail and wears tight fitting designer dresses. In the Real Steel World Robot Boxing game, she has red hair, while in the Real Steel: Champions game, she takes back her original movie look.


Farra helped Tak Mashido in the robot boxing business. She and Tak own a robot named Zeus who is considered the undefeated robot champion. She attempted to buy Atom from Charlie Kenton and Max Kenton. However, Max refused and defeated Twin Cities shortly afterward, at which point he proceeded to taunt Farra, earning her disdain. She later attended the fight between Zeus and Atom and boasted that Zeus remained undefeated after the match (although she was clearly embarrassed at the match as Atom would obviously have beaten Zeus if the match hadn't ended when it did). Zeus was knocked out a few seconds after the round ended.


  • In the Real Steel WRB game, Farra is the funder and owner of Zeus and Tri-Gore, while in the Real Steel Champions she is the owner of Zeus, Asura and Asura 2.0. It's also revealed during the Region 3 championship mode that Farra has paid Artie Bakker to use Midas in any way it means necessary to not let you go beyond Region 3. However, if the player is skilled enough or properly equipped, the fight against Midas may not be a big deal.
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