Mark Hedhon

Current owner of Ravagor. Full information click "here"

Fawk Hedhon

Fawk Hedhon owned Ravagor, he was rich, famous and skilled. He has won the W.R.B many times. He goes to Underworld fights to make quick cash, Ravagor is part of The Gates of Hell and The Afterworld and is the former leader of Team Mech, Fawk eventually died in a car accident, He passed on everything he owned to his son Mark Hedhon.


Skysteam (fan made story) is the owner of the King of the Underworld, Afterworld And W.R.B.T.T.T champion Bunker Buster. Skysteam has currently retired from Robot Boxing, and now travels the world with Bunker, after giving him an advanced A.I programming.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson is the Owner of Oneway, He was born in San Diego, and has a major obsession with robot boxing.


Famous for his newest creation, Stryder. His bot is so powerful that it could barley gets destroyed and lose.

Lance Reynolds

The owner of Shredder and Primal. Also owns Krios as a backup bot

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