Eric Gabehcoud, otherwise known as Parka, is the RBIS's first (and likely only) mentally traumatized student.

He is famous for being the only douche in his school to be triggered upon joking about his Cousin's death. He is also known for his fear and hatred of Hippies.


Parka wheres, as he is named after, an orange parka lined with fur. This fluffy armor doesn't seem good, especially when the college he studies in is in Hot USA.

However, what people tend to miss is that Parka's jacket has two versions. One is standard, a normal one for the cold winters, while the other is sapped of all forms of heat conservation.

Eric does have a tendency to wear the wrong one, which makes him cold and his jacket an excellent source of body heat.


Unlike most people, Eric does not have behavior stages, rather, they just come at appropriate times.


Eric Gabehcoud likes to keep his mouth covered most of the time, which gives him the ability to muffle his speech. This gives him free will to vocally flip off everyone without many people noticing. He tends to abuse this, which makes most of his speech disses and swears.

O Hel Naw!

Parka has the unusual ability to react as fast as lightning when his life is in danger. When he ever get's a tingly sensation all over his body, Parka just runs like a Walmart Worker during Black Friday. However, this sense does not kick in when he's drugged or asleep.

Knife Dropper

Parka is widely avoided and has more rivals than friends due to one thing that sets him apart from the others. Mental Trauma. The death of Clyde (Run over by a truck) has stamped an eternal imprint on Eric's mind, and thus makes it almost impossible to joke about it without being maimed, murdered, mutilated, crushed, having a cat pee in their face, the list goes on.


Another thing that sets him apart from many people is his insane FEAR of hippies. According to him, (They all want to heal the world but the only thing they do is wear no clothes, do drugs and smell like Craig's breath.)

Whenever he sees a hippie or anyone act hippie, you can bet 20 dollars that he is going to find the nearest gun store and make the hippie suffer in the most gorey and painful way possible. His basement is full of hippie skeletons, his dorm is armed with anti-hippie weapons (stuff that hippies deem Hostile, like death metal), and everything he ones is tainted with the spray of Anti-H1P. He goes so far as to make a tinfoil hat when he fell back on his hippie extermination duties in order to block the hippieness.

However, it's possible to draw him out of the Die Hippie Die phase by... Wait, you can't until he has killed all the hippies.

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