Eos real steel by arte animada-d4de7pw
Vital statistics
Title The Ultimate Fighter
Generation 3
Bot Type Hybrid (Fragile Speedster/Sparring Bot)
Status Online


NAME : Eos  

Title : The Ultimate FIghter

Generation : 3

Height: 8'1"

Weight: 1100 lbs

Handler: John Maxwell (Left it in Ecorp Building)

Chris Lee, temporary handler.


Armour : 90/100

Power : 80/100

Speed : 100/100

Intelligence: 50/100

Special Moves

Eon Pulse:

The Eon Pulse is a rip-off move for Eos. When the opponent is weak, Eos pushes the bot to the corner of the ring. Eos then goes to the other corner, and then lifts his arm and runs forward which makes the arm hit the opponents head, ripping it off.

Echo Generator:

Similar to Shredder's Round 3.5, it sends Eos into A.I mode and generate random moves until it's turned off or the opponent is defeated.

Cardiac Spectre (Previously called Destroyer Slam):

Bought from Janise Keri's Scrap Store. Eos side kicks the enemy into a desirable location, and proceed to hit the opponent with a right hook. The enemy is hit with a left straight to the head and right roundhouse (edited to be legal) into the ropes. The enemy is then hit with multiple hooks to the chest until the power core wires get cut.


Before Eos was armored. He was the same design as Atom. He was then found by Thomas and David who were eBot workers who then made him powerful with an energy core and armor plating. Eos was then stolen by another eBot worker who put him up for sale and Mark Hedhon bought him. Since Mark Hedhon signed a contract to own the robot, Thomas and David would be stealing if they take the robot away from Mark. Mark then placed Eos in his robot arsenal. Later, Thomas sued the eBot worker who stole from them and had solid evidence. So, Mark Hedhon got refunded and the bot is back in the possession of Thomas and David. Eos is later purchased by John Maxwell.

Fight History

Eos vs Little Angel(Lose)


  • Eos was originally meant for DarkSage4 from Ambus but rejected to have the bot. The bot is given to Scauldy shortly afterwards. After a long time, the bot is given back to Ambus.
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