After months of inactivity, a new fighter has risen from the shadows of Ragnorak and Titan. Ember is a Demolisher built when Janise got into a web-series called RWBY. Modeled after one of the show protagonist's fighting style (And a certain Izuku Midoriya), Ember has dominated most underworld battles as well as a few WRB battles.

SPEED: 95/100 (98/100 in Full Cowl Mode)

POWER: 94/100 (99/100 in Full Cowl Mode)

ARMOR: 83/100


SPECIAL: 67/100 (94/100 in Full Cowl Mode)

OVERALL: 339/500 (449/500 in Full Cowl Mode)



Boxing Style: Slugger/Swarmer (Modeled after Yang Xiao Long and Terry McGovern)

Announcer's Quote: Born from the dust of legends, Creator of the Dragon Fist fighting style, Keep your torches lit or you could miss EMMMBERRRRR!

Moves: Clock Out, Detroit Blow, Underpass, Consecutive One-Inch Blast, Delaware Uppercut, Manchester Smash, Xiao Long Special, X-Smash

Ripoff: Paint The Town Red!

Special Features: Full Cowl Distribution System, Carbon-Steel Infused Titanium-Chromium Alloy, T-51 In-built Arm Piston, User Sync, Damaged Piston Ejection System.

Weakness: User Sync causes Janise to feel the impact of the blow. Certain Moves can break Ember's pistons, and if under the effects of User Sync this extends to a searing pain on Janise's part.

Entry Theme: The Day. Link:

Main Theme: I Burn. Link:

Full Cowl Theme: I Am The Purple Guy. Link to 50% Version: Link to 100% Version:

Moves and Rip Off Details

Clock Out: Ember assumes a defensive stance, before parrying, blocking and dodging incoming strikes as he charges up the pistons in his right arm. Once it has finished charging it runs past the opponent, suddenly turns and translates the movement force into a jump and clocks out the opponent with it's charged arm, staggering stronger bots, knocking down weaker bots and reversing any and all orthodontic procedures

Detroit Blow: A powerful attack capable of knocking down some heavy weights, Detroit Blow consists of a swift downward cross. While on it's own it won't do much good, the in-built pistons can briefly thrust the fist quickly and powerful enough to cause a brief after-shock tripping up the opponent. If it makes direct contact, it could blow the opponent into the rings, at the cost of damaging the used arm. If used too much, that specific arm starts sputtering out piston fluid, weakening it.

Underpass: Ember dodges to the side of an opponent's strike, and just as the opponent reconfigures it's stance, Ember performs a powerful right bomb from the back. This sends the opponent stumbling forward and can be used to open room for a combo.

Consecutive One-Inch Blast: A repeated string of jabs, crosses, bombs, overcuts, hooks and uppercuts is unleashed by Ember, overwhelming the opponent blow after blow... or not. The impacts are actually made from wind pressurized by the in-built pistons doing their thing, and the fist always stops short one-inch from the full impact.

Manchester Smash: Only used in underworld fights, Ember runs right at the enemy bot and bounces off their attempted block, soaring at the ropes before bouncing off them to. Mid-Air, Power is distributed to the left leg, and Ember performs a powerful axe-kick. It's strong enough to break the Cover-Up block, and due to the natural strength of the legs, it's too strong to parry. If it misses, Manchester Smash gives the penalty of decreasing mobility.

Xiao Long Special: To use this move, the Opponent has to start a combo. Once Ember's AI has gotten a taste of a few punches, it begins to mimic the move and essentially hits the attacks to block. As it carries on, the opposing bot begins to retreat backwards, before Ember fires an extremely powerful bolo punch. This further opens up the opponent for more attacks, and if done correctly it can break up a Brawler's Combo.

X-Smash: The user charges right up to the bot, arms crossed in an X shape, with the Full Cowl system focussing power on the pectoral, elbow and shoulder pistons. Once close enough, Ember unlocks the shape, sending the for arms bearing down on the chest and shoulders of the opponent, staggering them and leaving them open for a direct hit from Detroit Blow.

Delaware Uppercut: Focussing the power into it's left arm, Ember performs a powerful uppercut, knocking lightweights and top-heavy heavyweights down. This breaks the pistons in that specific region, except for the in-built ones, and they have to be removed during Interval.

Extra Info

User Sync

Unlike Shadow Boxing, User Sync allows Janise to essentially fight the match with greater rewards, but greater risk. The AI of Ember links with small relays implanted by Janise throughout her entire body, slightly raising the speed due to her athleticism and agility. However, while in User Sync, she also has to take the force of the opponent's blow (Toned down to human level) and she will feel searing pain when using Delaware Uppercut, Manchester Smash and Detroit Blow.


Janise always had a passion for Robot Boxing, but dropped it after retiring Ragnorak and abandoning the Titan project. She went back to a relatively normal life, mundane and quiet and finding a lot of time on her hands. Too much.

She didn't feel like going back to the sport that once occupied the number 1 spot in her heart, but little did she know that on a visit to Austin, Texas, Janise would find the burning fire that got her in to the sport in the first place. How? From watching RWBY with Jaime. She got addicted to the series, and if anyone asked who her favorite character was, she would always answer Yang Xiao Long.

When Janise finally got home, she got an email from Jaime labelled: "Firebreak". Inside were comprehensive blueprints on a new robot, with a few clips of Yang's battles below the picture. When the actual words began, Jaime explained that the blueprints weren't for a new bot he was working on, but for an Idea that Janise could use.

Of course, the former bot-building maniac did what anyone would do: Eat a giant sandwich. And then start building the robot.


Chapter 1: Taking the Metro to Victory

"Wait, so lemme get this straight. You want to fight a 500 lbs bot... with a few plans I sent you... modeled after an anime character? Why would you do that?"

Jaime was in utter disbelief at Janise's first bot she wanted to fight: Metro. While she had already beaten the Frankenbot once, her skills in robot boxing had degraded due to lack of practice. "The more important question is Why Not? I still have a few bones to pick with ol' spike head." Responded Janise, as she bit into a chicken leg. The boy gave a sigh. He couldn't question what goes on in Janise's head, because that's what makes Janise herself.

"You had the idea in the first place, Jaime." Ragnorak's handler fiddled around with a few systems inside of Ember, hoping to get the Full Cowl system just right. "Besides, you wouldn't exactly ace the fight either. You never laid a finger on them."

Jaime snickered as his girlfriend finally got the system working. "And those puns are the exact reason I love you.". He hugged Janise before she left for Schaefer Zoo.


Janise made a big entrance at the zoo. Former (And Forever) Ragnorak fans exploded with delight as they watched the new bot walk onto the terrain, the dust parting as if a red carpet. Meanwhile, Kingpin downed an entire beer bottle, ready to test the mettle of the newbie... until he realized the person he was fighting against.

"Back for more, Rag Pilot?" Boasted Kingpin, throwing the bottle down on the ground as Metro fans jeered at Ember. "Where's Purple Eyes, huh? Too chicken to bring out the big guns?" Janise ignored him, walking into position. She booted up Ember, orange and sparks of green lighting up the bot, the neon lights reminding Janise of Ragnorak. Good Times.

The bell clanked as sprays of liquor shot through the air, signifying the start of the match. Metro lumbered right up to Ember, before locking his opponent's foot in place. While this would normally mean trouble, Janise was actually planning on Metro using that move, as the mess of parts was kind of predictable when you've seen enough videos of his fights. Ember's face was beaten repeatedly by the hammer of Metro, just like Atom once was, metal shards digging into the sand, sparks flying.

It was only a well timed parry from Ember that freed him form the clamp, the hulking right arm bashing Metro's leg off the Dragon Fist Boxer. Recovering from the heavy blows, Ember charged toward the abomination and began stringing together a combo. Hooks flew, Shards soared and Dust was thrown up as Ember back-stepped from an incoming sledgehammer swing from Metro. Both bots were locked in a battle of survival, mostly because Janise was out of practice.

A good hit from the ugly-thug sent Ember staggering toward a stone, before dodging a powerful cross from Metro that dug his right arm deep in rock. The hammer bot smashed the stone open, freeing his arm, before turning to face Ember. The unlucky brute, however, was met with a powerful X-Smash move, stunning him with the first blow and knocking him out with the follow-up. Metro may be down, but there was still the countdown to contend with.

"10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5!-

The living pile of scrap revived itself, pounding it's sledgehammer arm (Which had gone lanky over the course of the fight) onto the ground like a giant flail. A guttural noise from Metro signified that he wasn't gonna go easy this time. The angry bot lugged it's fat bum over to Ember, attempting to get in a hook with his good arm. This was no-good as the agile bot continued to dodge the strikes, before Janise decided she should just put the miserable bot out of it's misery, switching to voice command for a brief moment to deliver a single word: "MANCHESTER SMASH!"

The command went through as the bot bobbed underneath a flying sledgehammer, for the Franken Bot's hammer arm was coming apart at the seams. When he was close enough to another object to bounce off, Ember performed a forward charge in a style similar to Minotaurus. Kingpin had Metro try and stop the incoming bot by backhanding them, but it was too late. Before the fist could connect, Ember leaped from the ground, bouncing off Metro in a graceful backflip, before jumping from a nearby rock and appearing above them.

Kingpin didn't have enough time to say Uh-Oh as electricity crackled around Ember's leg, the Dragon Fist Boxer laying down a powerful Axe-Kick into the ugly's head, crushing the back of it down into the ground. Metro was down, but as per Boxing Law they still had to do the countdown.


Metro did nothing, the electrical sparks coming from the top of his head briefly turning into flames as the countdown progressed.

9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!!!!!!!!

Janise took a whoop of victory, before taking a chug of some Jack Daniel's to calm down her jumping nerves.

Chapter 2: Painting the Blacktop Red


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