The elder champions are bots that can be fought by Custom bots that have beaten Zeus. They are sometimes called The old ones, as they are built somewhere in 2017. Each bot has a title that represent's their best stat, and they all give a good fight.

Elder champions are repaired for fights every 2 days, and their stats rise by 10 every time you fight them. This makes a challenge the more a bot fights them

After all 5 are beaten, you can choose to fight Nexus. Nexus is a hybrid bot of stonewall and demolisher, and has stats that reach up to 93/100.

Elder Champions

  1. Konerik, The elder champion of Speed
  2. Kaitoa, The elder champion of Brute strength
  3. Lacigol, the elder champion of Intelligence
  4. Hect, the elder champion of Special
  5. TK, The elder champion of Armour
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