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The Spanish Destroyer

Name:El Hurican

''Nickname:La Trituradora Y Destructor Español

Special:bomba aérea

Move Set:El Ventosa,Samba De la Muerta,Onda aérea,El Burrito

Made in:Spain and Mexico 

Owner:Jorge Del Luz and Samantha De los Rapdez 




Built by a Spanish Engineer and Mexican Computer expert this bot is a Power house compared to the other bots,his first fight was Against an bot called Ruiz in which it won so the bot and the owner arrived in the us to enter the WRB and ready to battle.

Canada Vs Spain

Once he arrived in the states he battled Glacier in which after a brutal uppercut an a double jab from two bots which resulted in a tie,and soon after he began battled other bots within his ranks 

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