Who is Edwin?

Age: 19 when he became deceased

Height: 6'0

Weight: 84 KG

Edwin was one of the WRB's finest pioneers of the sport, showing the beauty inside such a destructive sport. Making several bots (one which became the WRB Gold Belt holder & Champions League winner), Edwin was renowned for his precise, exquisite fighter designs that payed off in the real ring.


Born in 1998, on September the 1st. Edwin was a determined 15 year-old little man with some sort of Sharingan in his eyes when he found a cool TV show called Robot Combat League and watched it with his little brother Vinzer. Quickly becoming absorbed into technology and robotics, he started creating fighting machines with Vinzer, and the rest is history.

Near 2017, Edwin wanted to find out if his creations could really stand on their own. Using RedBot first, he quickly wrecked every bot in the Underworld to transfigure into a WRB fighter. Defeating many opponents, Edwin almost snatched a title but lost it to Rubicon, the first champ. After his defeat, he made an entirely new one called Dark Fist. It payed off incredibly, as he won a WRB Gold Title and a WRB Champions League.

Unfortunately, for all his good intentions, he died a week later due to a deadly disease that could take it's victims in weeks - cancer.

On his deathbed, with his ever so generous parents and his wacko but friendly brother Vinzer, he said this.

"You know what? I told cancer to f*** off, and he did. By killing me, he's shown that he's truly scared."

A few seconds later, he was dead, with a smile on his face.


From a young age, Edwin had faced multiple issues in his life regarding depression, anxiety, and an introverted attitude. He never really spoke at times, and when he did he was quiet as a step. Unlike his brother, who was outgoing, friendly and cheerful, Edwin was a cold skeleton behind a human mask. He was very smart, but lacked charisma and passion.


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