In honor of the coming of Easter, I have decided to share some easter eggs from the Real Steel video games!

Real Steel WRB

  • The player can technically fight 'zombie' robots. Should the player defeat the opponent with an attack that has the damage equal to their remaining health; the health counter will still display zero(0), but the opponent will still behave as if it were still active. Simply land a successful attack to fix this.
  • Gridlock, Fatboy, and Zeus have paint jobs that resemble Iron Man suits. (Before Paint Jobs were removed from the Paint Shop.)
  • Atom and Zeus can not be decapitated or dismembered by any bot.
  • Metro is the shortest bot in the game, with Atom barely an inch higher.
  • When you preview Hollowjack, his head can rotate 360 degrees like Twin Cities.
  • Technically, all robots' heads can be forcibly rotatable thanks to Bluebot's Rip-Off move.
  • Bio War and Metro are both a mish mash of bots - they have a very asymmetrical assembly(which is Bio War's Specialty.)
  • Blac Jac, Hollowjack, and Fiend all have dual rotatable fists.
  • Midas has the smallest fists, provided the player hasn't upgraded him.
  • Noisy Boy decapitates both arms and the head if the RIP OFF is completed.
  • A majority of robots all fight with both their arms and legs.
  • Zeus is smaller than Albino if they fight one another, although it says Albino is only 7'11" and Zeus is 8'6" - same goes for other robots.
  • Blac Jac and Nitro only Rip Off the opponent's arm.
  • Tackle is the only robot to not remove any part on any robot.
  • Thanks to the new taunt feature, players can use a variety of attacks, most commonly the Down Heavy Attack, to knock down the opponent.
  • During your first mystery draw, there is always a Bio War card.

Real Steel iOS

  • On the third arena, you can see a kidney container in the background. It also happens that this arena is an Underworld arena, where anything illegal goes,thus implying that they are fighting for the kidney(s)
  • Fat Boy, Bio War, and Hollow Jack all were dented in Real Steel WRB. However, in its iOS counterpart, they all have insanely improved stats and undented and polished armor.
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