Welcome to EPart! The multinational e-commerce corporation that's taking the world by storm!

We are the first and largest robot dealing company in the United Kingdom and is a branch of the Ecorps company.

EPart buyers can pay with a credit card or checking account simply by contacting one of our accountants. Remember to list:

Your name

Your desired item of purchase

Your address (If you chose to deliver it instead of come and collecting)

We will also give you a seller's payment address should you chose to mail the payment. 

Parts Currently On Sale

Heat Resistance Armor: $2,000,000

Rollcage Face Guard: $12,000

Programmable LED boards: $3000

Programmable LED Boards

Sonar Scanner: $400,000

Sonar Scanner

Omega Fists V2: $100,000

Spikes & Horns Set: $10,000

Standard Mainframe: $70,000
Standard Mainframe

Standard Mainframe

The Complete Bot Set #2: $330,000

Sparrer 03(DIY Assemble): $50,000

Whapper78 Power Surger: $600,000
Power Surger

Whapper78 Power Surger

Tool Set Standard: $2000

Facial Recogintion System: $1000

Windows 900 Alpha: $500

Metal Valley Parts-High Quality Products at Low prices!


G1 Synapse Processor

Twin Cities Prototype Mainframe: SOLD

G1 Synapse Proccesor: $2,500

Mainframe(Ultra Universe 01): $60,000

Scrapper's Circiuit Boards: $30,000
Circiuit Boards

Scrapper's Circiuit Boards

Hollowjack"s Mace (W/O spikes): $200

Limited Time Robot Parts! Get it NOW!

Expanding Wrench-hand! (Put it in an exposed joint and watch it turn into scrap!)-$90,000

Jackhammer Fist! (Why use hands when you can bash someone multiple times with a Jackhammer? Only used in one hand) -$600,000

Metal Fist Spikes! (Spikes that can shred a robot into hal!f) -$100,000

Back Arm! (An arm that is attached on the back of your bot! 3 arms are better than 2!) SOLD

Snake Neck! (A weird 9-ft long neck that can use the head as a weapon!) -$8000

Tribound's Parts Shed

I = 1 day

W = I week

M = 1 month

The Parts

MMA Choke Chip (enables robot to do chokes) = $10,000

MMA Submission Memory (enables robot to do submissions) = $50,000

Drazi's Magobos Gem Hydraulic Fluid (Enuff said, best Fluid money can buy) = $25,000

Molten Rock Core (enables robot to reach their fully potential! Based on Doomfire's core) = $75,000,000

Package Deals

The Voice Command Set: $3,000,000

  • Standard Terorrizer Mainframe x1
  • Special Move Memory Crystal x1
  • Voice Command Modules x1
  • Limbic Repeaters x4
  • Assorted Wiring & Armor x1
  • LED lights x20
  • Computer Chip x14
  • SPECIAL:1 Premium Beats Headset RED 250

The Rich Man's Set: $10,000,000

  • The Voice Command Set x1(Special Included)
  • Sparrer 03 x1 & Training Bot x1
  • Fluid Synapse Core x2
  • Fluid Wiring x 150m
  • Destroyer Mainframe x2
  • Spare Voice Command Modules x2

Robot Instant Repair/Upgrades

Put you're bot in at 7:00a.m-9:a.m and check it out at 5:00 PM-7:00 PM!

Checkup fee: $100

Minor Repairs: $5000-$10,000

Major Repairs: $15,000

Complete Rewiring: $20,000

Junk into Jewel: Depends

Happy Mother's Day!: FREE LED Boards for repair, and Lamb horns(BLEET!)

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