Basic Building Information

Building Name - EBot Central Offices and Headquarters(otherwise known as ECOH)

Purspose of Building - To serve as the headquarters of EBot Enterprises, and to provide personal workshops and dorms for EBot members

Building Size - Twin Tower with 8 floors and central bridge, and undergorund parking lots/garages

Building Layout

8F - CEO offices and External Helipads(4)

7F - Equipment/Part Storage 1A and Marketing Room

Standard Member's dorms

6F - Equipment/Part Storage 1B and EBot Enterprise Offices

5F - Equipment/Part Storage 2A and EBot Enterprise Offices

4F - Equipment/Part Storage 2B and Member's Dorm, Central Bridge

3F - Workshop for Bots and Member's Dorm

2F - Workshop for bots and WRB-size Sparring Rings(2)

1F - Lobby, Outdoor WRB-size Sparring Rings, External Helipads(2), Parking

EBot Enterprise Offices

Lot(Accomodate 60 Normal Cars and 20 Bot-Carriers)

B1F - Underground Workshops for bots and Bot-Carrier Only Parking Lot(Accomodate 45 Bot-Carriers)

B2F - Underground Workshops for bots and Underground Parking


Lot(Accomodate 85 Normal Cars and 10 Bot-Carriers)

B3F - Central Storage and Plating/Programming Center

B4F - Top-Secret R&D Room

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