Name: Dynamite: "The Explosive"

Generation: 3

Ranking: W:2:1 and D:3: 1

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser Lv. 5


As his name is, Dynamite can be explosive with power. He likes to block and dodge until his opponent's power is depleted, then let loose with powerful punches and tech moves. He has mediocore resillience, but he barely takes in any hits.


Core HP: 4,302

Power Charge: 2,984

Attack: 4,789

Defence: 3,874

Resillience: 8

Damage Recovery: 6

Power Recovery: 10

Punch Speed: 10

Movement Speed: 7

Mobility: 8


Head: Viking lv. 5

Body: Quantum lv. 5

Legs: Proton lv. 5

Arms: Ergo lv. 5

Fists: Proton lv. 5

Generator: Rising Speeder 150D

Motherboard: Attack Capacitor 4.0

Hydralic Fluid: Fightrol Supra


- His color is a dark red, sort of like the color of real dynamite sticks.

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