Name: Dreadlord

Title: The Fright Knight

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Dreadlord is a buyable, playable and fightable character from the Real Steel HD (iOS) and WRB games. He's a fusion of two pre-existing robots from URF, a game also developed by Reliance Games, called Dreadbot and Cyber Lich. He was added to the Real Steel HD game on october 29, 2015 and was later added to RS WRB in the WRB-I tier. Despite having the exact same stats as Asura and Tri-Gore in RS HD, he's considerably weaker than both of them in WRB due to the tier he belongs to. He was also one of the first robots, if not the first one, to actually use a weapon during combat, his scythe. His parts would also come back in Real Steel Champions as Spectre's Platinum and Elements grade parts, and Dreadlord himself would even make a comeback in WRB 2, this time under the name of Necromancer. He was added in a Halloween update and has earned the love of the fandom through the years. It's still unknown if he's an autonomous robot like Zeus, Asura and Tri-Gore, although it's quite possible he is, and it's also unknown who is his owner or handler. He didn't have any abilities when he was first added to WRB, however, he got the Perfect Strike and Corrosive Rage abilities in a later update, which make him considerably more efficient.

Announcer's Quote: "Dreadlord! The Fright Knight!"


Dreadlord RS iOS


Armor: 80/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 90/100


Health: 6800

Attack: 496

Special: 1023

WRB-I: 193


Dreadlord 001

Origin: Romania

Ability: Perfect Strike - Corrosive Rage

Weight: 930 LBS

Height: 8'2 1/4"

Feature: Dance of Death

Special Moves:

1.- The Fright Knight (Original)

2.- Super The Fright Knight (Original)

3.- Ultra The Fright Knight (Original)


Dreadlord 002

Dreadlord is a tall, slim robot, mostly painted in dark gray with orange trimmings and lights. His head simulates to be on fire as well as his scythe and is overall made to resemble the Grim Reaper. As previously stated, he's a fusion of two pre-existing robots from URF: Dreadbot and Cyber Lich and was added in a Halloween update in 2015. Just like the rest of the URF robots, it's possible he was added to the Real Steel franchise since URF wasn't as popular. He can be purchased in the store in Real Steel HD, which will unlock his downloadable image and his own section of challenges. He also appears in the Tournament mode, being the boss of the Tier 3 in the Classic Tournament, being the fifth opponent, after Scorpion. He was later added to RS WRB in the WRB-I tier, and although he's not fightable in the Championship or Free Sparring modes, he can be fought in PVP or Live Events. He's not as strong as some of the robots from his same tier, but when used correctly he can be pretty useful. His parts were also used as Spectre's Platinum and Elements grade parts in RS Champions during a limited-time event and he even made a comeback in WRB 2, renamed as Necromancer, leader of the Nemesis class. Due to the amount of games he has appeared in, it's safe to say he's quite popular amongst the fans, probably even being a fan-favorite.


  • He originally made his debut in URF, but was added to Real Steel and WRB 2.
  • His scythe appears during his intro, specials, finisher and win, but disappears after performing them.
  • In RS WRB, his intro and win sound effects are the same as Fiend's.
  • In RS HD, his intro and win music were the same as Fiend's, but were later changed to Atom's.
  • If he performed any of his special moves in real life, it would be an instant victory since his opponent would most likely have a system failure due to the scythe piercing through their chassis and circuits.
  • As stated before, he's just as strong as Asura and Tri-Gore in RS HD, but is considerably weaker in WRB.
  • He comes back in WRB 2 renamed as "Necromancer" and with a lot more metallic red paint throughout his body.
  • When taken a closer look, he has snake-like eyes.
  • He somewhat resembles Marvel's Ghost Rider.
  • Just like Hollow Jack, Fiend and Terror, he's a Halloween-themed robot.
  • His silhouette can be seen in some banners in WRB 2.
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