Drazi "The Outblowing Menace"

Notice: Thank you all for your support!

Drazi was my first robot. For me, it was a success. But now, Drazi has to go.

Thank you everyone for your support on Drazi! I feel really happy about it.

Drazi is officially pronounced as a retired robot. Once again, thank you for your support! I cannot help but thank you all!

Thanks, Tribound

Want some more of Drazi? Check Denzin.

DRAZI is one good bot. He can finish bots easily. He's designed and built by Blake Herman. Drazi was given to Mark Hedhon, due to the rise of Tribounds new bot, Rapye.

*there is a blog post where Tribound announced he was giving the bot to me* I'll try to keep up the story for him for the Drazi fans! - Scauldy

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Seasons (Drazi)

Season 1: The Rising of a New Bot 

Season 2: Action Thrive 

Season 3: The Menacing Moment

Season 4: Rise in Action 

Season 5: Crusading for a Champion 

Season 6: Nice Curse, Denster

Season 7: Blades of Glory 

Season 8: Glanced Revenge 

Season 9: Stepping Up 

Season 10: Tenths for Millions 

Season 11: Carton Punch 

Season 12: The Magobos 

Season 13: It's Drazi, run!! 

Season 14: Hind Back 

Season 15: Defense 

Season 16: Bammed! 

Season 17: Facing Complete Darkness 

Season 18: Immortalize 

Season 19: Exchange 

Season 20: Letting Off 

Season 21: Holed 

Season 22: After the World

Season 23: Run Baby 

Season 24: Outlaw's Revenge 

Season 25: ??? 

Stats (SD means Sterdrive)

Strength: 1020/100 (Extremely OP when in SD)

Speed: 1002/100 (Extremely OP when in SD)

Intelligence: MAX/100 (Extremely OP when in SD)


This is Predator. Jason Grefti is one of Blake Herman's friends.

Armour: 1023/100 (Extremely OP when in SD)

Special Moves: 1009/100 (Extremely OP when in SD)

Origin: Philippines

Signature Move: Power Thrill

Height: 8'10

Weight: 1320 lbs

Handler: Blake Herman

Entrance Quote: "Stepping up from no where, and it's waiting for bloody revenge, fear for Drazi!!"

Winning Quote: "Falling from steel punch by punch, from the explosive steel fighter, DRAZI!!"

Generation: 3

Robot Type: Jack of All Stats

Boosts: Regeneration, Shatter-Zone, Robo-Eyes, Malfunction

Stats: 41-2-3 (Win-Draw-Lose) (46 HUGE fights)

Drazi's latest title was The Ripper Wing, because he usually rips the opponent's head off with a special.

Entrance Song: Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It(Special Song effect in the fight: Fighting Drazi with this song will drain your bot's energy core by 30%)

Evolve Level: 2.3 (9592)

Denster (9003) > Drazi (9507) > Arkant (9998) (Locked Evolution)

In parenthesis: Battle Rating

Starter: Denster

  1. Supersonic, Upperbow, Sterdrive modes
  2. Medium Weight

Evolve to: Drazi

  1. Construction: If the mode is activated 3 times, he bursts into nightmare rage and crumples the opponent's head.
  2. Venom Mode: Like corrosive fists. Poison opponent when punch touches opponent.
  3. Metalrock Mode: You cannot attack Drazi for 30 seconds; trying to attack him will reflect DOUBLE DAMAGE back to you!

Maximum: Arkant

  1. Bammed Mode: Automated that if Blake activates it, it is a very huge, 2,500 health punch.
  2. Fully upgraded!



P for Punch

U for Uppercut

Swipe Left to right for Huge Punch

Swipe Right to left for Huge Uppercut

ST for Sterdrive

Drag with three fingers for LET IT GO (stop controlling robot, robot fights on its own)

M for MMA Stunt

Select Special from Dropdown Menu for SPECIAL MOVE!

K for Kick

Swipe Left corner to Right corner for Two Stomp Kicks (VERY HARD TO DO)

MRB Stats

Armor: 9

Power: 10

Speed: 7

No. 8 Top Division.


"You lose, but it doesn't mean you're completely down." -Blake Herman

"Dad, may I hide at your back?" -Ford Herman, when he was 5 yrs. old

Emergency Moves

Moves for emergency, like creating a hole, spying, or battling other people.

Battling Other People

Petrify: Drazi surrounds himself with big rocks and throws them at his opponent.

De-Petrifier: Drazi tucks the opponent with rock slabs, and beats the opponent before removing the tucks and slamming them at the opponent's face.

The Mist: Drazi summons a purple mist that makes the opponent dizzy.

Actual Laser: Drazi uses his laser to pull his opponent and throws it back.

Breaking Walls/Mechansims/Holes

Laser: Drazi simply cuts a hole and turns it back whenever he or both Blake and him enters the hole.

Silver Beat: Drazi molds the wall to create a temporary hole.

Electric Kill: Drazi uses his laser to cut a straight gap in the mechansim to spy or check something. When done, Denster closes it back.

Scan: Drazi uses his 4D Scanner to scan a mechansim.


Invisible: Drazi himself turns to a ball for 3 seconds.

Drum: Drazi makes laser noises that base opponents can't hear.

Silver Spy: Drazi uses his silver axe to fake shed himself.

Not-so True Ninja: Drazi throws diamond and gold shurikens.

Other Stuff

Jetpack: Drazi's jetpack enables him to fly.

No head!: Drazi removes his own head without hurting, IT IS MAGIC!


Regeneration: With the help of the Regenerator, Drazir's systems fix automatically.

Shatter-Zone: Can be activated to find the weaknesses, thanks to the Sonar Scanner.

Robo-Eyes: After a round/fight, you can see it from the robot eyes. Tap this in the controller.

Malfunction: Drazi was the first bot to do MMA fighting. Also allowed in MRB.

Looks-Like-Human-Not: Drazi can talk.


Copy Chip: Copies robot moves.

Robovoice: Makes sound from the Robot's Mouth when doing a punch, choke, ripoff, etc.

Regenerator Motor: When the motor spins it regenerates the robot (motor rotates every 30 secs)

Sonar Scanner: Scans the robot's weakness and instantly sends the AI to slam it.

Anti-Scan Premium Cloak: Prevents Robot from being scanned.

Auto Pistonstand: After finishing a choke this system brings the robot up with invisible robostands. Does not work when robot is brought down.

Leg-Pistons: Brings the robot up high when the robot jumps.

3201 Tronic Supertitanium Mainframe: Absorbs punches, even the heaviest.

Roboeye Generator: After a fight/round ended, you can see the fight via the controller cam to enjoy

Diamond Pistonfists: When landing a punch, it delivers a very heavy blow and rapidly push and pull the pistons inside.

Robot Speakers: Plays a motorcycle crash sound.

Robot Gears: Plays a loud rotating gear that distracts the opponent systems.

Upperbow Hyper Mode: Makes the robot land tons of punches.

Sterdrive Core: Rage mode that strengthens robot.

Thermal Knuckleduster Unit: Drains the opponent's power core when the robot attacks.

Darkness Unit: When the robot attacked enough, the opponent will be in "blind" mode for 30 secs.

Shadow Mode: Makes the robot make memory of the moves that the owner is doing.

Adaptive Fight Code Generator: Makes the robot let off and fight by itself when owner is on a break, etc. Thanks to the Smart AI.

Smart AI: Observes the robot is the round is finished, etc. Goes with the AFCG.

Shaving Spikes: Little spikes are etched on Drazir's limbs so that if Drazi uses it, it brutally shaves the body and destroy the systems (since the part is shaved and pulled open).

One, Two, Three, Four, FIVE FISTS: Actually, invisible fists are etched on each fist, so that each fist can break a shoulder, and TOO VERY SO SUPER WAY brutally destroys the piece of the/WHOLE mainframe!!

Sterdrive Mode

Means that Blake activated the Sterdrive Mode. It is a fit of rage that can boost the stats. Can end up in a quick malfuction of the opponent. Tap this in the controller, and it will boost up the power core for 1 minute.

Upperbow Mode

Means that Blake activated the UM. The UM has it so that Drazi can land a cluster of clean, strong punches, and it does not drain the power! Lasts for 30 seconds.

Supersonic Mode

Means that Blake activated the SSUPER. The SSUPER has it that Drazi can run very fast and land punches very fast like UM. Lasts for 10 secs.

Drazi's Fine Punches

Hendrick: Drazi slams the opponent with a jumping slam.

Fortune: Drazi does a spinning chest slam.

X-Factor: Drazi sprintjumps doing an X, then slams the X at the neck.

Ripper: Drazi holds the opponent and hooks.

Special Moves

Power Thrill: Denster smashes the opponent 3 times on the chest. Then he kicks the opponent, and then punches the opponent straight to the head. If it's powerful, it will end up in a rip-off move.

Two-Peat: Drazi smashes the opponent to the chest, then lands a straight uppercut to the jaw.

Diver Slam: Drazi does 4 straight low jabs, and ends with a straight low uppercut.

Herman Model: Drazir lands a blow to the opponent's chest. Then he proceeds with punching the chest 4 times. If it's powerful, it can make the opponent's system malfunction.

Explosive Steel Fighter: Drazi does a twist uppercut, then proceeds with a rotating jab. Drazi then finishes with a fine thermal hook.

CK Electric: It's Brainstorm, but remodelled with Drain fist technology. Also at the last move, it is replaced by a jumping mace punch.

From the Den: Drazi lands a thermal hook. Then, he corners his opponent and delivers a flying forearm smash.

MMA Return: Drazi catches the opponent from the foot. Then, he forces the opponent to do a triangle, and then he punches at the face. Lastly, he wraps the opponent tight, and continuing punches until the opponent taps the mat.

Hard Smash: Drazi lands a blow. Then he corners the opponent. Then Drazi hooks the opponent 3 times. And Drazi finishes with a super brute head slam, leaving the head flying out of the ring or the opponent flying out the ring.

Little Earthling: Drazi saves energy and goes to the ropes, jumps on it, and lands a hulk punch (first used on Earth, that's why the name is Little EARTHling).

Brutal Robot Smasher: One of the most dangerous specials of all, he knocks the opponent down and squeezes and removes the limbs and head one by one.

What a Slap: Drazi slaps the opponent's head, but it's brutal, it can remove the opponent's head.

Japanese Rollout: Drazi serves out a kick to the head that brutally removes the head, then he balances the head on its foot, and then he throw the head out of the ring using his leg, backwards.

Hammerhead Fist: Like a nukefist but targeting up.

Drazicaulous: Drazi....TBC

Chapters (Season 1)

Chapter 1: Denster's built, and will face his first fight against Aquabot.

Chapter 2: Denster's going on a win streak, but Midas is planning to stop it.

Chapter 3: The Robot Finisher enters the WRB.

Chapter 4: The Immortal Bot now fights in the WRB.

Chapter 5: Denster encounters Zeus.

Chapters (Season 2)

Chapter 6: Denster is back in the Underworld, and is more dangerous than ever!

Chapter 7: Blake's thinking for Denster to go to the Afterworld.

Chapter 8: A whole new level for Denster.

Chapter 9: Fighting a bull is weird, but kind of dangerous.

Chapter 10: Buildings rises into action!

Chapters (Season 3)

Chapter 11: Excitement awaits.

Chapter 12: The big time happens. Get loud now!

Chapter 13: Some patches to Denster!

Chapter 14: Upgrade for the THIRD time..

Chapter 15: Blake recieves E-mail!

Chapters (Season 4)

Chapter 16: Coded day. Busy day. So many ways.

Chapter 17: The Overkilling ring!

Chapter 18: Sparky VS Denster, the ultimate match!

Chapter 19: Destructobot rises from the destroyed!

Chapter 20: The tournament! Part 1

Chapters (Season 5)

Chapter 21: After victory over Sarge, Blake decided to crustle in the WRB tournament for a while.

Chapter 22: Blake got injured, and Daylon has to fight Ambush 2.0, and lost twice.

Chapter 23: Chaotic tags in!

Chapter 24: Demonic action begins as Thanatos arrives!

Chapter 25: Denster meets Asura!

Chapters (Season 6)

Chapter 26: The Very big and huge Championship!

Notice: Record sheet pasted. Denster is Drazi NOW.

Chapters (Season 13)

Chapter 61: Drazi is here! Test fight!

Chapter 62: Drazi vs Two!

Chapter 63: Drazi's Sparring

Chapter 64: Drazi has been challenged again!

Chapter 65: Now what is HE doing now?

Season 1: The Rise of a New Robot.

Chapter 1: The Rising of the Robot Finisher

When Blake was watching a fight between Atom VS Zeus, Blake immediately came up with an idea of a fighting robot. So he rushed into his garage, and pieced some steel together to make a new robot named Denster. Blake was happy with his new robot.

He wanted to test the robot, so he immediately went to the Shaefer Zoo to fight a robot named Aquabot, so called The Diver Bot from the Deep.

The fight started. Denster's doing so good in the first round, leaving Aquabot defenseless. Towards the end of the round, Blake used the Power Thrill, and ripped-off Aquabot's right arm and head. Denster wins, with a prize of $25000.

Chapter 2: Winning Streak

Part 1

Denster has been fighting many bots lately, and finished them.

List of Robots finished by Denster (Name/Win-Lose/Prize)

  1. Aquabot | Win | $25000
  2. Zookeeper (Metro rebuilt) | Win | $30000, Zookeeper's Head
  3. Six Shooter | Win | $28000, Six Shooter's Right Arm
  4. Bluebot | Win (Bluebot is TOTALLY destroyed) | $32000

Part 2

Blake wants another fight. So he went to the Crash Palace, and chose to fight Midas.

He knew it might be a totally bad idea, but he goes on.

The fight started. Denster's delivering too many punches at the first round. He even ripped off Midas' left arm! Denster kept on punching. Blake activated Power Thrill, and ripped-off Midas' right arm. Before Midas' down, Denster delivered the final uppercut to Midas' face, ripping-off his head. Denster defeated Midas in the First Round. Victory goes to Denster. Afterwards, Finn welded Midas' head beside Noisy Boy's head. Denster is now the Crash Palace King, and Blake receives the $35000 prize.

Chapter 3: The Invitation.

After the fight, Farra Lemkova sent an invitation to Blake, about joining the WRB. Blake gladly accept the invitation.

Chapter 4: The Immortal Bot in the WRB.

Denster's now in the WRB.

Denster's first fight in the WRB is against Camelot.

The fight started. Denster does a Power Thrill early, ripping-off Camelot's head. Easy.

It's a Flash Knock Out! Denster finished Camelot in under 20 seconds. Blake receives the $36000 award.

Chapter 5: The encountering of Zeus.

Denster has a win streak in the WRB, finishing such robots like Gridlock, Albino, Atom, and Blac Jac.

After his last fight against Abandon, Denster encounters Zeus.

The fight started. Denster landed a ton of punches to Zeus. Zeus was left defenseless, like Aquabot. Blake activated the Power Thrill, and Zeus is down to the ground.

1...2.......3..........4.......5..........6..7...Zeus got up.

Whenever Zeus got up, Denster knocks him and Zeus is down to the ground again. This happened 3 times.

Towards the end of Round 1, Denster delivers a fatal blow to Zeus' chest, making his motherboard completely damaged. With a final activation of the Power Thrill, Zeus is down on the ground.

1......2........3......4........5.....6....7.........8.......9........10! DENSTER WINS!

Denster got too dangerous in the WRB, finishing robots one by one. Blake earns the $50000 prize. Denster prepares to go to the Afterworld.

Season 2: Action Thrive

Chapter 6: Back in the Underworld

Blake is so tired of robot fighting. So he decided to rest a little bit.

After 5 days, Blake continues his robot boxing career, and Denster's back in the underworld.

So Blake is finding a robot to fight with Denster, then he encounters this message from an anonymous.

"For whoever first sees this, My bot Danger Zone just lost too many fights, and I think fighting with your bot is no chance for Danger Zone. Agree? Visit me at the Shaefer Zoo."

Blake gladly accepts the request. So he rushed to the Shaefer Zoo, and then got out of his truck.

The fight started. The fight of the Ds. Denster delivered an uppercut, and Danger Zone is down on the ground.

1......2......3......4......5........6.....7......8....DANGERZONE GOT UP AGAIN!!!

Danger Zone kept on fighting. Denster activated the Two-Peat, which he just coded before the fight, and Danger Zone's down, AGAIN!

1.......2.......3.......4........HE'S UP!

The fight continued. Towards the end of Round 1, Denster delivered a fatal uppercut to the jaw, and took off Danger Zone's head. Danger Zone bursts into flames.

Blake receives the $31000 prize, and Danger Zone's head.

Chapter 7: Preparing for the Afterworld.

Blake was playing with his son, and via his email account he receives a message.

"To Blake Herman and his bot Denster, Congratulations! You and your bot is mature enough to fight in the Afterworld! Will you survive? You'll find out as you face Bunker Buster, Oneway, Ravagor, Bandit, Stryder, The Sarge, Shredder, and Ambush 2.0. Good Luck! - Admin of the Afterworld Robot Boxing"

Blake's so happy! He will have a chance to fight in the Afterworld.

Chapter 8: Upgrade time.

After Blake receives the message, Blake rushed to the garage and upgraded Denster to a whole new level!

Blake buys a new and powerful motherboard, and Blake places it. Someone delivered powerful and larger fists, and Blake places it. Blake then attaches a new power core, and Denster's ready.

Chapter 9: Fighting a bull.

Blake was happy with the upgrades, and he just saw a bull, fighting Blockbuster in San Leandro.

The bull won versus Blockbuster, and the loss of Blockbuster is the same with Ambush.

Blake decided to fight the bull named Black Thunder.

The fight started. Denster's enemy was so low. So he does pretty much low attacks. He used the Diver Slam and Black Thunder's down. Denster wins the $22000 prize.

Chapter 10: Versus Buildings (return to WRB)

Blake was watching Atom VS Twin Cities again and again, until he decided to fight him. Fighting Buildings (rebuilt Twin Cities, which isn't Oneway) is somewhat a bad idea for him.

The fight started. Denster was pretty much, dangerous, that left Buildings defenseless (of course). Then Denster lands a low uppercut to the chest. Denster lands a Two-Peat, damaging Buildings. Denster lands a Power Thrill, and it ripped-off Buildings' left arm.

Denster lands a jab to Buildings' right fist, knocking it off. All that Buildings' playing now is Defense. Denster lands a powerful punch into Buildings' chest, and it's a cracking steel game. Denster punched straight into Buildings' left head, ripping it off. Towards the end of Round 1, Denster landed a straight jab into Buildings' right arm, ripping it off. And he lands an uppercut to Buildings' right head, ripping it off. Denster decapitates Buildings completely. Blake earns $36000.

Season 3: The Menacing Moment

Chapter 11: Excitement Awaits.

"Hey, did you see that little robot there? Hah" Tak Mashido said in a deep, mean voice.

The returning of Zeus was almost unexpected, but chances are that Denster would win again.

"And now we have ZEUS with his belt this time! Denster is trying to get it!" the Announcer says.

The fight started with a crude uppercut to Zeus' jaw, making Zeus fall in 7 seconds. Then, the rest are terrifying, Denster landing continous punches to the chest. Tak was worried. Denster landed a straight hook into Zeus' head, weakening it. Denster delivers a Diver Slam to the chest. Tak was having a difficult time handling these punches. Lastly, Denster landed a crude low hook to the chest, making the first robot to COMPLETELY decapitate Zeus. Denster holds the WRB belt. Undefeated. Unstoppable. 11-0 Win Streak.

The second fight is vs. Gridlock. This was an easy fight. Denster landed an uppercut to Gridlock's neck, making it weaker. Denster then finishes with a hook that goes to the head, knocking it off.

Chapter 12: The Big Happening.

"Hey Blake, I think you should need to stand a shop, but it's kind of hard. I'll help you with it."

"Okie Dokie, Daylon. But I need to upgrade my robot first!" The conversing friends Blake and Daylon said.

With the leftover super-titanium plate of Zeus, he places that in. Blake also inserted a pair of Thermal Knuckledusters to drain the opponent's energy. Daylon handed Blake strong head protector. Then, they rebuilt Denster for its new chassis, mainframe, and hydraulics. Daylon remodelled the knuckleduster fists, and attatches some metal in it. Lastly, Blake made Denster fireproof.

Blake remembered "I think you should need to stand a shop"

"Go on bro. Fight Cosmobot." Said Daylon.

The fight started with a huge uppercut from Denster. He kept on punching. Denster then lands a crude punch to the head of Cosmobot. Denster wins. It was a winner take all match, so Denster wins $44000.

Chapter 13: What was that?

Now the friends are strolling....strolling....until they found a paper.

"You want an adaptive code right? Well go t..."

The rest were ripped. So they ignored it. But little did Blake knew that Daylon has an adaptive code generator.

He ran back to the garage. Daylon said that he has an adaptive code generator. So, they rebuilt Denster to install the generator, then reinstalling the mainframe, chassis, and hydraulics. Then, they reinstalled the asymmetrical steel design. Then, Blake welded and hard-protect Cosmobot's helmet to Denster's head.

Daylon attatched super-durable metal pistons, so that making a punch, the pistons make a gatling gun-like sound. Then, they attatched a glowing core to distract the robot systems. Daylon coded in the Herman Model and Explosive Steel Fighter. The duster fists are remodelled so that it drains the opponent systems, making the opponent dizzy for a few seconds. It can also make 3x the damage if rotated and used properly. But, these are not the best, but the best that they can do. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Test Fight (Denster VS Cardinal Chaos)

Denster lands a powerful low uppercut to the chest. Denster then delivers a drain punch. Denster activates a deadly blow of Explosive Steel Fighter to his head. Cardinal Chaos' head is decapitated. Daylon keeps the head to Denster's trophy room.

Chapter 14: Regen Time and some Fights

Daylon had an idea. "Maybe we can attatch a regenerator"

So they attatch it. But what does it do? Well, it automatically fixes the robot systems when one of them is broken. Shortly after, Blacktop came

Fighting in the Immortal Ring, Denster lands a hook to Blacktop's helmet, weakening it. Denster then breaks the LEDs in the chest, from the outside. Denster then lands a NUKE POWER PUNCH. Blacktop has his chest broken, and Blacktop falls, cracking the helmet and shattering it. Denster wins.

The second fight is versus Blac Jac. Denster shattered Blac Jac's most of the aces/hearts/clubs. Denster lands a CK Electric. then proceeding with a mega punch. Denster then cuts a weakened slit in Blac Jac's chest. Denster then picks up the mainframe. Blac Jac shatters himself, shattered into pieces.

Next was a robot named Lockband. Denster cuts a hole through Lockband's shoulder, then shatters the mainframe piece. Denster then cuts the right arm, Denster shattered Lockband's chest. Denster then CUTS LOCKBAND IN HALF. Game over.

The last fight was versus Zeus, this time repaired and controlled by the duo. Denster shatters the lower body piece. Denster then cuts Zeus' arm in half. Zeus tried to do Brainstorm, but failed. Denster shatters Zeus' leg. Then, he cuts Zeus' head almost into half. And Denster knocked the core out. That's it.

Vs. Overkill

Before Blake ever entered the ring he recieved a message from a guy named Shawn Shucks. Then, Blake battles Overkill.

First Round. Denster kept on punching. Denster activated the CK Electric and Overkill falls down. Eventually he got up again. Then we dropped our controllers. The robots tumble and it's game over, no one wins, it's a draw. Each robot recieved $25000.

Chapter 15: The mail.

Shortly after the fight Blake recieves an email.

"To Mr. Herman, I want you to join the GRBL. -Hiroto"

Blake replied "Okay sure." After that he encounters a bot named Predator, but decides not to fight him. Instead, he made friends with Jason Grefti.

Season 4: Rise in Action

Chapter 16: Big Time.


"BEGIN" Predator took a blow to Lockband. Denster blasted a blow to Albino. Albino falls down. At the time that Lockband held a hand to Albino, Predator smashed Lockband's head. Then, the two robots landed a blow to Albino. Denster landed a Power Thrill. Then, Predator chopped Albino in half. Finished.

Kong Tron and Bluebot VS Denster and Ravage. Ravage landed a Ravage Supreme. Denster chopped Bluebot in three. Then Ravage landed a Triple Blow. Kong Tron's destroyed.

Shortly afterwards, Blake upgraded Denster big time. He remodelled the head. Daylon mechanized the legs. Then, they replaced the mainframe into a 3201-Tronic Super-Titanium mainframe. This includes another overlay rollcage chassis. Then, they redesigned the chest. The chest is diamond-titanium coated fireproof. Then, Blake added an elevated diamond-titanium coated fists. Daylon mechanized a "Robot Eye View" generator, in which after a round or fight, you can see a fight through the robot's eyes. Daylon also mechanized some gears, in which when Denster moves, he makes a loud sound, distracting the opponent systems. Blake added some speakers, playing a motorcycle crash sound when Denster does an attack. Lastly, they upgraded the chest to cover it with metal.

Vs Glacier

So Blake was having big time, until he watches TV and...

"GLACIER! FIGHT HIM NOW" So, Blake ran to the Hockey Ring.

The fight started with a quick CK Electric. Denster lands tons of punches and Glacier is down for 8 seconds. Denster lands a blow to Glacier's neck. Then he procceds with ripping off the right arm. Round 1 ended. Round 2: was actually a deathmatch. Glacier smashed Denster's chest. In reply, Denster rips off Glacier's head. Blake wins $80000.

Chapter 17: Big Day.

Blake wants to go to the Crash Palace and see Midas' head welded. But towards the entrance, Blake found a sonar scanner. Blake drives back to the garage. He asked Daylon to place the scanner, and Daylon does it. Then, Blake coded the Sterdrive Mode into the controller and the systems. Now he needs to test it against a super-titanium dummy.

Denster smashed the dummy's chest. Then, he activates Sterdrive. Then, Denster ripped the dummy's right arm. Blake activates the scanner. Then, Denster finds the weakness at the pelvis and neck. Denster smashed the pelvis, and at the time the dummy falls, Denster smashed the neck, and the head snapped off. This test was sealed sucessful.

Rematch vs. Overkill

The fight started with a crude uppercut from Denster. Then, Overkill waged his mace and blows on Denster. Towards the end of the first round, Denster knocks Overkill down but unfortunately he stood up. Second round begins with a jab from Overkill. Denster knocks Overkill down again, and Overkill stood up.

Third round. Denster activated the Sterdrive and knocks down Overkill. Then he triangle-choke Overkill. And Overkill tapped, game over. Denster wins $999,999 and a pair of diamond piston fists.

Rematch vs. Overkill 2

First round: Quite an easy round for both robots, that Denster knocked Overkill down once.

Second round was a whole new level. Denster lands an Explosive Steel Fighter. Overkill plays heavy defense.

Third round: Both robots were barely standing, as hydraulic gas spilled into the ring. Both robots need to be fixed big time.

Fourth Round: Overkill knocked Denster but Denster was barely standing. Denster landed a blow to Overkill that made Overkill fall and Denster needs to be fixed, AGAIN.

Fifth Round: This was one of the best rounds, like EVER. Overkill was barely standing, and Denster rushed to him and ripped off his right arm. Overkill then lands a blow to Denster, making Denster to the ropes. Denster brings a hell of a blow to Overkill, breaking his motherboard and core. Overkill then lands a hard jab. Denster shatters Overkill's left mace. Denster brings Overkill to the ropes and delivers a ton of blows. Denster brought Overkill down and does a guilliotine effectively. Unfortunately Overkill escaped. Two more minutes. Denster hooked Overkill down and slammed his opponent. Overkill almost escaped. Denster hooked Overkill and does a triangle choke. Overkill almost escaped. Thirty seconds left. Denster slammed Overkill's hydraulics. Denster activated Sterdrive. Denster slammed his opponent. Ten seconds left, the best moment in the whole WRB history. Denster kicked bot. KICKED BOT. He brings another hell of a blow to Overkill, slamming his head. Overkill was barely standing. Overkill delivers a hell of a blow to Denster's chest. Both robots were barely standing, with hydraulic gas spilled on the mat. The judges decided on Overkill for the winner, 162-135, 138-112, 129-172 split decision.

Chapter 18: Lightning growls onto Denster

One day Flynn forced Blake to a fight. When the fight started, Denster slammed a Hendrick to Sparky, which made him fall down for 8 seconds. Sparky jabbed at Denster's foot. Denster hurls a CK Electric and takes Sparky's left fist. Denster then takes a Fortune to Sparky. Sparky and Denster then punched their strongest, that ACTUALLY RIPPED BOTH HEADS OFF! The match was a draw.

Denster and Overkill VS Shredder and Ravagor

Coming soon.

Chapter 19: Destructobot.

Blake tuned in the radio and heard a name. "Destructobot, he's the bot who defeated everyone on Earth!"

Blake looked at Denster. Probably he wants to upgrade him, but he doesn't want. So he rushed to the ring, The Fawk Hedhon Memorial Park.

The fight started with a huge uppercut by Denster. Destructobot holds Denster. Blake knew he would cut him in half. So Denster immediately replied with a Ripper.Then, he delivers a huge uppercut. Destructobot was backed off. Denster lands a coulple of punches. Destructobot stands up. Denster does a Ripper again, and Destructobot holds and slices Denster in half.

"Destructobot gets it!"

Blake earns $500,000,000

"Gosh, so I need to win again?"

Chapter 20: AOBC Part 1

One day Blake recieved a mail in his mailbox, saying:

"Denster has been invited to the AOBC! Would you like to join?"

Blake gladly accepts the invitation and at the first day of the tournament, guess what? Denster's opponent is The Sarge! Blake got nervous, saying to his mind that Sarge might win.

Blake said to Shane: "This will be an awesome match.".

So, the fight started. Sarge landed jabs onto Denster's chest. Denster lands a heavy blow and, turns on The Sterdrive!! Denster smashedSarge into the ropes. Denster cornered Sarge and then he continuesly blows onto the head!

Sarge was able to land a Shremen Strike on Denster.Denter got stunned and Sarge put Denster down for 8 secs.Denster got up and placed a lotof very heavy blows into Sarge's chest! Then, Denster landed a CK Electric! Sarge repiles with lower, heavy puches into Denster. Just about Sarge is going to rip off Denster Denster grabbed Sarge's arm and rips off. Densterfinishes off with a powerful head punch! Sarge fell and lost!

After The Sarge fell down, the arena was filled with silence. Until Blake shouted, "YEAH BOY!", only 20 out of 50,000 people clapped (The other 49,980 people are Sarge Fans)!! Blake gets Denster back into his truck, and he happily went home.

Season 5: Crusading for a Champion

Chapter 21: WRB Tournament

Blake decided to join the WRB Tournament for a while, because his next match isn't called yet. So, the list is as follows:









So the first fight was vs. Camelot.

Denster lands a punch to him. Camelot tries to roundhouse but Denster dodges it well, goes at the back of Camelot, and Camelot falls down.





The next fight is vs. Gambit

Gambit lands the first punch. But, that was weak, so Denster proceeded with a round of jabs and there. Gambit falls down in 11 seconds!



Now, our next batttle is vs. Hollowjack.

Hollowjack activated its mace. But, Denster landed a CK Electric and From the Den, making Hollowjack weak. Denster finishes with a blow and Hollowjack is down for the count.


3rd Place fight -----> HOLLOWJACK VS TACKLE

Now, our finals is vs. Crimson Carnage.

Crimson Carnage lost an arm early in the fight. Denster was doing too well, that he activated Sterdrive and, with a single very heavy blow, Denster knocked Crimson Carnage's head off the ring. Denster wins!



TACKLE (3rd)

Blake took the prize money and went back home. He waited for his next AOBC fight.

Chapter 22: A new happening, new loss.

After Blake won over CC, he decided to go to a bistro with Daylon. At the time when his drinks are about to be served, a robot named Brutal Barista (don't worry noobs, BB is from URF) kicks Blake's chair! Blake was sent to the hospital and stayed there for 3 days.

During the rest, Daylon received a fight against....Am 2.0?!?! Daylon done his best, but Am 2.0 made Denster fall 4 times, and Ambush 2.0 wins via decision.

And Am 2.0 meets him again and wins again via a knockout.

Chapter 23: The Chaos Begins

A good friend Wayne Keys visited Blake's garage. He said that Chaotic will join the WRBTTT. Blake accepts the partnership.

Chapter 24: Death by Demons....I think?

".........NO WAY!!!" Blake shouted as he was walking on the corridor of the hall. A bot named Thanatos enters the corridor, along with Keiichi Akamine. He said, "Let's fight. Thanatos vs Denster.". Blake said, "So, you won against a robot in the MOBC? Ok.".

The fight started with an open uppercut from Thanatos. Denster quickly jacked the POWER THRILL (ohhhh yea!!!) to weaken Thanatos. Thanatos then lands a....A.....DEATH FIST to the head of Denster. Denster was barely standing up, but he turns Sterdrive, jacks the greatest special to everyone (LITTLE EARTHLING!!!!) into Thanatos' body. Thanatos falls down.

Chapter 25: The Ripper Era

Denster's acquiring most of his invitations, and mostly won, to bots Lockband, Touchdown, Fumble, Crimson Carnage, Gambit, Hollowjack, Abandon, Atom, and Fat Boy, until he faces an invitation from....ASURA!

So when Denster entered the ring, Asura entered the ring as a Lava Denster. "Say wut?", said Blake. So the fight started when Denster packed a huge punch to Asura's chest. Asura barely blocked the shot and landed a Little Earthling. Denster was barely standing but he enters SSUPER mode and made Asura dizzy. Denster jumped up and landed on Asura's feet, making both bots fall. Denster quickly stood up and landed a nice clean kick to KO Asura. Denster is now the Great East Asia Champion.

Season 6: Nice Curse, Denster

Chapter 26: It's time!

After victory over Asura, many bots challenged him like Voodoo, Titan, Brute, and Clockwork.

Voodoo: (Easy) WIN

Denster punched VD and Voodoo easily fell, while Denster does another Punch to completely KO Voodoo.

Titan: WIN

Denster backslash-punched Titan to weaken his mainframe and then a Ripper that makes Titan faint.

Brute: (Easy) WIN

Brute was about to kick Denster but Denster uppercuts Brute to make hin trip and end the match.

Clockwork: (Hard) WIN

Really, Clockwork did lots of damage to Denster. Clockwork first done some punches and kicks to Denster then our Denster punched Clockwork's head. Then he fell and Denster punched Clockwork again to end the match.

Seasons 1-12 Record Sheet

Eventually, Denster and Blake were bound in a mission. They should find the Magobos Diamond. Once placed into the power core, the robot will turn into a more powerful form. Denster fused with the gem, along with a new microchip (Brazilians are nutsabout that talk to your robot thing) and became Drazi; a bot who is as strong as Destructobot and Wartron.

There will be a seperate spoiler sheet for Drazi, but will still be in the Denster page. The furthermore Denster (Custom Bot) page will become Drazi (Custom Bot). Thank you for your support in Denster's journey

Season 13-1: It's Drazi, Run!

Chapter 61: Test fight.

Drazi came out of the Magobos Mine very dizzy and very new. "Are you okay, Denster, ahem, I mean Drazi?" said Blake. In a robotic voice, Drazi replied, "Neh, I'm okay...bleh" So in Drazi's sight, it's his foe, Flan!

Flan and Drazi goes face to face at the plains. "May I go myself?" said Drazi. "Okay..." said Blake. As Drazi goes in his own, he punched Flan's torso. Flan tried to block but Drazi cuts it open. Flan tried an Uppercut but it failed. Drazi rips Flan's head.

Chapter 62: Peace for Nothing

"Oh yeah!" Drazi was very energized. So they continued to walk until a helicopter carrying Peacemaker and Destroyer arrived. "Hold on", said the pilot, "It's a 2v1 match." The pilot and his assistant is controlling a robot each.

"Come on, ninjahead! Just come..." said Drazi, ready to flip up his first Construction. Destroyer came and Drazi flipped the Construction, and nukefist. Destroyer is barely walking. Peacemaker was there. Peacemaker punched Drazi but that didn't stop him from uppercutting Destroyer to the backyard of someone's house. Destroyer's down! Meanwhile, Drazi carried Peacemaker and threw him to the nearest minecart and then pushes the minecart. Drazi wins.

Chapter 63: Test Dummy

Drazi and Blake rode a boat going back to the US (they were at Hawaii, then they drove lots of miles going to Brooklyn, where Blake lives.) They were so tired. The mini Immortal ring was there. The Robo-Energizer. So Blake energized Drazi for a while, and then watched TV with Ford.

After 5 minutes, Drazi's ready for a test fight. Blake holds a Silver Sparring Bot. There Drazi spars.

Chapter 64: The Chaos has Happened

At the Octagon, Mardo and Shutters are waiting there. Fiend was the challenger. Fiend tried to punch but Mardo left him defenseless. Shutters knocked him out. Then there's Nitro, but he was defeated as usual reffering to his short reach. Then here's Drazi.

Drazi held both bots and smacked them with his arms. Both bots are down.

Chapter 65: The Spratz Around

Blake and Drazi were walking on the sidewalk until they stopped at Spratz's face. Drazi wants to fight.

Spratz punched Drazi's torso, but Drazi replied with a huge uppercut. Drazi held Spratz and Spratz's head flew off.

Season 14: Hind Back



  • Denster was made from diamond and steel. (Diamond is coated under steel)
  • The first robot who ever landed a punch to Denster was Glacier.
  • His first loss was vs. Overkill, but Denster wasn't knocked down.
  • Blake has an arena for public robot fights called The Immortal Ring.
  • Drazi's punches and kicks are 2x heavier and more powerful than Zeus.
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