Name: Drago

Title: The Cold Blooded Killer

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Drago is a robot added to the Real Steel WRB and Champions games. He is the first robot ever to look like a dragon. In the RS WRB game he is a Superbot, which means he can only be used during Live Events and while having Wi-Fi connection. However, in the RS Champions game, he is a buildable robot for his parts are obtainable by winning the VIP Brawl in the Tag Team Mode, and he can be played with wherever, whenever without the need of Wi-Fi connection.



Health: 4300

Attack: 344

Special: 750

WRB-I: 125


Health: 25782

Attack: 1941

Critical: 8709

Special: 4003

RGN: 2970


Drago 005

Origin: China

Ability: Steel Bulwark

Height: 8'6"

Weight: 1480 LBS

Feature: Dragonscale Armor

Special Moves:

1.- Dragon Rage

2.- Super Dragon Rage

3.- Ultra Dragon Rage


Drago 006

Drago is a very tall dragon-looking robot with large spikes on his shoulders, pointy scales on his back and sharp clawed fingers. He is painted in green color with purple and gold trimmings. He has a pointy "crown" on his head with 7 sharp spikes. Drago also has yellow and red lights throughout his body and the back of his pelvis has a pointy end, reminiscent to a dragon tail. He is one of the only robots (if not the only one) to have separate toes with talons on them. His hands are deployable as shown in his intro, since it can be clearly seen he seems to not have hands at first but then, after he violently shakes his forearms, the hands appear. Drago's shoulders seem to be leaning backwards unlike the rest of the robots, this is probably to give him a more imponent and menacing pose.


  • He can breathe fire because he has a burner attached to his mouth.
  • He also has a Golden Version: Drago Gold
  • Drago's title ''The Cold-Blooded Killer'' is very similar to Midas' title, which is the ''The Gold-Blooded Killer''.
  • Drago could possibly be built to celebrate the year of the dragon.
  • You can equip Drago's moves in RSC, but there will be no fire in the intro.
  • Drago's nickname comes from reptiles, which are cold-blooded animals.
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