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Robot fighter by artworkbitch-d46yh2b
The Watcher from the Underworld...
Vital statistics
Title The King of Hell
Generation 2
Bot Type Game Breaker
Status Working

-Armor: 93/100 (Turbo Rage: 450/100)

-Power: 91/100 (Turbo Rage: 450/100)

Intelligence: 99/100 (Turbo Rage: 450/100)

-Speed: 74/100 (Turbo Rage: 450/100)

-Special: 82/100 (Turbo Rage: 450/100)

-Strength: 95/100 (Turbo Rage: 450/100)

-Heat Core Moves: Flame Dash, Hell Blast, Inferno Whirl, Steamer Smash, Lava Fists, Nether Uppercut, Fiery Meteor Slam, Scorching Storm, Molten Slide, Fire Slash.

-Special Moves: Boiler Knockoff, Fever Mash, Temperature Lockdown.

-Finishers of Doom: Burning Devastation, Smoking Punchdown, Fist of Doom, Volcano Destruction, Furno Fury.


-Origin: USA

-Weight: 1175 LBS

-Announcing Line: The Burning Doom of the Nether, the Inferno of Hell itself, hail down for DOOMFIRE!!!

-Features: Heat Core, Plasma Pistons, X-ray Vision, Armor Lock, Movement Sensor, Nanobot Droids.

-Metals: Titanium, Steel, Iron, Platinum, Uranium.

-Controller: Jack Henderson.

-Ability: Show Stopper

-Danger Level: Extreme

-Nicknames: The King of Hell, The Watcher from the Underworld.

-Height: 8'4"

Total Wins and Losses (and ties)= 242/10/2

DoomFire is a notorious robot of the WRB, and Jack is proud of it. His stats are pretty much equalized, and is a very durable robot. He has 6 features. The first one is the Heat Core. The Heat Core powers his whole body and can be overclocked. Once it has been overclocked, the Heat Core makes him stronger and faster, and unlocks all his movesets programed in him. The Plasma Pistons are installed in both his hands and feet. This gains him the ability to jump high, like Cosmobot, and punch ten times faster and deal more damage. His X-Ray vision allows him to scan through his enemy's mainframe and skeleton. This helps him pinpoint weaknesses of the robot for a quick win. The Armor Lock is a unique feature. When needed, it "locks" everything in a platinum encasing, making him get less damage from his opponent and increase his armor. The Movement Sensor is a tool which DoomFire can sense his foe's movements while fighting, allowing him to tell when to dodge, and where everything is. And finally, the Nanobot Droids. These are very small droids that repair his body while fighting, but if the opponent punches where they are... you get the idea. DoomFire is also made to be a bruiser and a speedster at the same time, even though he's a bit slow. Jack solved this by adding more wire, programming, and even a solar panel on his head. There's a reason why he's known as "The Watcher from the Underworld."

The Beginning of This Story

Jack Henderson was once a notorious WRB controller, along with his bot, Big Giant. He also defeated defending champion Zeus. But when Atom and his owner challenged Jack and his bot to a fight in Crash Palace, Jack was way overconfident. During the fight, Atom found a weak spot in Big Giant's hip. Atom punched the weak spot several times, and Big Giant was down. Jack now had his first loss. Jack still had a lot of wins from both Crash Palace and the WRB. But things went from bad to worse. Robot fighters all over started to trash down Big Giant, and soon, Jack was nearly broke now. So he had to sell Big Giant to a junkyard. Jack gained just a few grand from his robot. He now needed a new robot.

A New Robot (and First Fight)

After Jack sold his robot, he set out to find parts to build a new robot. After 6 months of searching, he managed to get just what he needed. Another 3 months went by, and he had a new robot. He then colored red, orange and black, just so it can look like something. He then named the robot DoomFire. He took the robot to Crash Palace to fight. But when he heard his opponent, he wasn't sure if his bot could handle it. He was challenging Midas, king of Crash Palace. In the first round, everything seemed normal. But in the second round, DoomFire started to take a huge beating. Then Midas cut off DoomFire's right arm. Interestingly, Jack found out his controller was really warm. He remembered the core he put in DoomFire, along with the pistons and a X-ray camara. Then he looked up. DoomFire was smoking a lot and he was on fire! But he was just standing there. Just when Midas was about to perform the finisher, Jack pulled back the remote controller, and DoomFire did an uppercut on Midas. Then, with Midas knocked back, DoomFire started punching Midas repeatedly with his left arm. Then Midas went in flames. Jack then activated the pistons, and DoomFire uppercutted Midas's head so hard, bits of metal went flying off, and so did the head. Jack had won the round with just a left arm from DoomFire left. Jack got the reward for 50 grand, and noticed that the head of Midas was on fire( Later Midas is rebuilt by fireproof metal). He then called the finisher move, "Burning Devastation".

Money, Glory, and Robot Getting Beaten Up!

From the victory of Midas, Jack decided to upgrade DoomFire so he wouldn't take much damage in battle. He put on a sensor that allowed DoomFire to sense everything around him, and dodge incoming attacks. He also upgraded the pistons, so when they were scorching, they would deal a lot of damage, and be 2 times faster (now upgraded to Plasma Pistons). Slowly, DoomFire kicked bot after bot with his moves. The list is ALL here:

M.I = Minor Injuries

H.D = Heavy Damage

E.C = Extreme Condition

Underworld Fights

DoomFire VS Midas= WIN E.C

DoomFire VS Bluebot= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Aquabot= WIN M.I

DoomFIre VS Fat Boy= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Bio War= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Shogun= WIN H.I

DoomFire VS Albino= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Albino (rematch)= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Black Top= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Six Shooter= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Blockbuster= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Hollowjack= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Metro= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Empire= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Swamp Rat= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Skar= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Skar (rematch)= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Gambit= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Nitro= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Shogun= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Fiend= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Fiend (rematch)= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Fiend (second rematch) = WIN E.C

DoomFire VS Ramchip= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Toolbox= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Kong Tron= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Scrapbot= WIN M.I


DoomFire VS Prisma= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Orefist= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Fluxcore= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Sun Wukong= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Pigsy= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Shagojyo= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Vespula= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Fusion= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Scorpio= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Ashra= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Nummskull= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Hylas= WIN M.I

DoomFire Vs Palladius= WIN H.D


Soon, the WRB heard about Jack Henderson and his bot DoomFire. One of the WRB people asked, "Hey, do you want to join the WRB for some showdown?" Jack said, "Yeah, I really like to challenge all the robots there." The man said, "Good. You're fighting Noisy Boy. Reward's gonna be 75 grand." Jack said, " Alright. Reward accepted." Jack arrived, and then the fight began. At the first round, everything seemed normal. Each bot was taking hit after hit and block after block. The second round was more intense. DoomFire started to smoke, then went on fire! Jack learned that when he is on fire, the Heat Core is fully activated. He called this action "Turbo Rage". Jack first performed Flame Dash, then Fiery Meteor Slam. Then, when Noisy Boy was on fire, Jack did the same thing like he did on Midas: activate the pistons, then the Burning Devastation. It was all over. The man from last time said, "Not bad. Here's your reward." Jack thanked him, and moved on to fight the others.

WRB Junkdown

Jack did manage to fight all the robots in the WRB. Even if he lost, he would just take a rematch. It was a tough challenge, but he managed to do it:

WRB Fights

DoomFire VS Noisy Boy= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Camelot= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Gridlock= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Gridlock (rematch)= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Cosmobot= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Axelrod= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Twin Cities= WIN E.C

DoomFire VS Excavator= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Excavator (rematch)= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Abandon= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Spitfire= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Blac Jac= LOSS H.D

DoomFire VS Blac Jac (Rematch)= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Photon= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Hattori 2.0= WIN M.I

DoomFire VS Jasper= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Steampunk= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Abel= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Seahawk= WIN H.D

DoomFire VS Zeus= LOSS E.C

DoomFire VS Zeus (rematch)= LOSS E.C

DoomFire VS Zeus (another rematch)= LOSS E.C

DoomFire VS Zeus (last rematch)= WIN E.C

Revenge to the One...

Soon, almost all the robots of the WRB were defeated. DoomFire just needed one last match with... Atom. Jack had long dreamed of getting revenge to Atom and its owner, just so to prove his glory. Charlie Kenton (owner of Atom) accepted to the match in Crash Palace. 1st and 2nd round were intense, robot pounding each other for the grand prize: 300 grand. 3rd round, DoomFire was nearly pummeled to the ground, but the bell saved him. 4th round was Atom's turn to get pummeled. The last round was incredible. DoomFire soon found Atom's weakness during the round, and he went into Turbo Rage. DoomFire used every move he knew and then the finisher. Atom went down, smoking. The fight with Atom was won. After that Doomfire went on to be undefeated for 5 years.

Upgrades and Present

Jack then put on more of his upgrades, metal, wire, piston, nearly every part of DoomFire that needed an upgrade. He went fighting in the Underworld, repairing and adding metal to DoomFire, and defeating robots. DoomFire is currently functioning, waiting for more destruction...

Team Mech and Other

(There will be more fights in the future)

DoomFire VS Ravagor= TIE E.C

DoomFire VS Firebot= TIE E.C

Tag Team: DoomFire, Golem (Custom Bot) VS Bandit (Custom bot), Ravagor= TIE E.C


-The original version of DoomFire was actually made to look like a human boxer (hell version also). But Jack thought the human version wasn't that fierce. He scrapped the first one and kept trying to make his fighter a "tactical" bot. (the reason why it took 3 months)

-DoomFire's "Inferno Whirl" is similar to Axelrod's "Double Glove Mime Punch". Jack was so interested in Axelrod's special move, he actually upgraded DoomFire's body to rotate 360 degrees. The Inferno Whirl is where DoomFire circles his opponent, puts his arms up, and rotate his body nonstop counter clockwise, like a tornado.

-The Heat Core is nearly the same from Fulgore's nuclear reactor (from Killer Instinct. Seriously, look him up). The Heat Core must be fully overreacted in order to activate all of DoomFire's moves.

-An interesting fact about Doomfire is the more he punches, the more damage he takes, and the warmer Jack's controller gets, the faster the Heat Core will charge up.

-When Jack put on a bunch of upgrades, he put 2 remaining Fire Pistons (now upgraded to Plasma Pistons) on Doomfire's feet. This became useful because DoomFire now has a high jump skill, like Cosmobot. He therefore can perform one of his favorite moves: The Fiery Meteor Slam.

-Last of all, only one thing stops the Heat Core: Power Drain Ability bots.

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