Doom is a menace of destruction. His owner, Daymond Johns built him with his family fortune money. His immense armor slows him down but gives him incredible strength in return.


Strength: 200/100


Armor: 200/100

Speed: 57/100

Intelligence: 64/100

Overall: 100/100

Opening Line:

The bringer of doom and fear, the most feared of all robots, give it up for Doom!!!


vs Midas Win Reward: 20k

vs ENTIRE Underworld League Win Reward: 1 mil -500 k for repairs

vs Camelot Win Reward: 7000

vs Zeus V2.0 Draw Reward: 500k

vs Overkill Lose


Daymond Johns looked at his now finished creation. The robot was coated with brilliant titanium armor and shared the parts of the strongest boxers. Daymond decided to try his luck against the Underworld champion, Midas. Artie smirked, "Prepare your robot for an ass beating." Daymond didn't reply. The match began and Midas started with a mix if jabs and uppercuts. Doom returned the uppercuts with his punch, it cracked Midas's armor revealing the weak exoskeleton within. Doom unleashed it's special, Doom Awaits and struck Midas's head. He then kicked the bot to where Midas looked deformed. Doom kicked him down for ten seconds and won.

The next battle was against the ENTIRE Underworld league. Daymond took a deep breath and entered the fight. The bell ringed and Aquabot immediately rushed towards Doom. The robot replied with ONE punch that destroyed the Fragile Speedster.

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