1. Note: Again, this is drawn by me. I am totally fine with sharing my totally AMAZING art (Sarcasm). Also, dis be a fake person.



Dominic Ranten was born on September 9, 1998 in an OK family wealth-wise. He had a sister and a brother, and Dominic was the youngest. Dominic always liked fighting, and his parents sort of disagreed with him. When he was 9 (2007), he was enrolled into karate, which he had to persuade his parents into. The first time he had heard of fighting robots (not like the WRB) he was thrilled, and wanted to make his own. So he made his robot, it was about 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and around 4 inches tall, and in front it hand a ramp, that would lead to a small saw at the top of it, and he called it, Total Speed because it was fast. That started his liking of robots. When he was 18 he came across the parts for his WRB robot he didn't yet know he'd make, and half a year later he decided to buy them, repair them, and use the final product to fight. He named the bot Total Speed, after the first bot he's ever made.


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