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Speed: 80/100

Power: 100/100

Strength: 100/100

Special: 60/100

Intelligence: 79/100

Total: 430/600

TBR: 4,300

Core HP: 6,000

Regen Rate: 3

Important Information:

Height: 8'1"

Weight: 1106 lbs.

Origin: U.S

Handler: Dominic Ranten

Special Features: Face mesh, a second pair of small eyes that see if it's opponent is readying an attack, allowing Dominate to use the move "Block Crash," special boost called his Power Drive, which boosts his stats (mostly power & strength).

Backstory: After Dominic got more and more money, he decided to create a new robot. So he went to the junkyard with a cart, and looked around. Dominic managed to find a head and a body with an arm and a leg, so he was happy. All he had to do, was supply the other arm, leg, the core, and armor. And thankfully, Dominic actually found 2 fists (of the same look), and a helmet with a mesh over it. With the parts he found, he went straight to work, he had created the future Dominate. Before he polished it, he ran a successful test. He then named it Dominate, polished it, and went off to put it in its first fight.

This is just the basic idea of Dominate's hands.

Announcer's Quote: "The Savage Eradicator, The Robot Wrecker! Heeeeeres....Dominate!"

Introduction: (Starts backwards with arms crossed) Jumps around into a fighting stance, then puts its arms up and turns around slowly, finally he goes back into fighting stance.


Light Moves: R/L Jab, R/L Head Cross, and R/L Stomach Uppercut

Heavy Moves: R/L Hook, R/L Head Uppercut, R/L Hammer-fists, Dual Hammer-fist

Special Moves: Super Smash (Dual hammer-fist, dual stomach uppercut, dual chest jab), Block Crash (Blocks opponent's attack, right head uppercut, left overhand.), and Uppercut Combo (5 stomach uppercuts and a dual head uppercut.)

Signature Move: Decimation Fist (R then L hook, right overhand [spinning counter-clockwise], left backhand [still spinning], and a jumping right overhand.)

Finisher: Demolition Punch (Rapid 5 head hooks, a left uppercut [spinning clockwise], and a jumping right backhand [still spinning].)


Dominate v. Aquabot =

Win 1.5K

Dominate v. Bluebot =

Win 1.5K

Dominate v. Metro:

Dominate meets Metro in the ring, and the bell rings. Dominate goes straight in with a R/L stomach uppercut combo, and Metro takes a step back. Metro backhands Dominate with its mallet, and Dominate flies back. Dominate regains balance, and throws a "Super Smash" at Metro, and Metro falls. Metro gets back up in 6 seconds to do a "Mallet Smackdown," but Dominate puts Metro down with its "Block Crash." (Wins 4.5K)

Dominate v. Six Shooter =

Win 2.5K

Dominate v. Blacktop =

Win 3K

Dominate v. Blockbuster =

Win 3.5K

Dominate v. Fat Boy =

Win 4K

Dominate v. Bio War =

Win 4.25K

Dominate v. Fat Boy (Fat Boy's Rematch) =

Win 2.5K

First Loss:

Hollowjack meets Dominate at the ring, and the match starts. Dominate runs up and swings a right hook, but Hollowjack dodges, and mashes a jumping right jab into Dominate's face, making him stumble back. Hollowjack throws a left uppercut, then a right hook, pushing Dominate towards the ropes, and finally a "Laughter Riot." Dominate stops the attack with its "Block Crash," and then its "Super Smash," making Hollowjack fall. Hollowjack jumps back up and fakes Dominate out with a pretend left jab, but ends up actually hitting Dominate with a "Laughter Riot." Dominate falls, and Hollowjack jumps onto Dominate, and starts mashing Dominate's face, knocking Dominate out. (Losses 3.25K)

Back to a Streak:

Dominate v. Hollowjack rematch =

Win 2.25K

Dominate v. Atom:

Win 3K

Dominate v. Midas:

Dominate and Midas meet up at the main ring of Crash Palace. The match begins with Midas going in for a left jab, Dominate blocks the attack and counters with "Super Smash." Midas goes back in and throws a combo of a left hook, a right jab, and a left uppercut, making Dominate stumble backwards. Dominate regains his balance, and throws a left uppercut, a right then left jab, and then a powerful dual hammer-fist, sending Midas down. Midas gets up, and makes Dominate hit the floor with "Tomahawk Blow," but Dominate gets up quickly and blasts Midas' head off with "Demolition Punch." (Wins 5K)

Dominate v. Blac Jac:

Win 7K

Dominate v. Cosmobot:

Win 8K

Dominate v. Sun Wukong:

The match starts, and Sun Wukong bombards Dominate with attacks, but gets blocked. Dominate throws a left hook at Sun Wukong's face, making it stumble. Sun Wukong dodges another incoming attack, and counters it with a combination of hooks, jabs, and a final left uppercut. Dominate stumbles back and slams Sun Wukong to the floor with his "Decimation Fist." Sun Wukong gets up and barrages Dominate's face with a bunch of jabs. Dominate stumbles, and Sun Wukong Finishes off the fight with a jumping right overhand. (Losses 8.5K)

Dominate v. Sun Wukong:

Win 7.5K

Dominate v. Hattori 2.0:

Win 8.75K

Dominate v. Nitro:

Win 9.25K

Dominate v. Excavator:

Win 10K

Dominate v. Touchdown:

Dominate and Touchdown meet up, and the match starts. Touchdown goes in for a right hook and a left jab, but gets blocked and countered with a left uppercut from Dominate. Touchdown smashes it's right fist into Dominate's stomach with an uppercut, and follows with a left then right jab combo. Dominate slams Touchdown to the ropes with a "Super Smash," and he gets hit back with a right uppercut. Dominate notices an incoming attack, and then uses "Block Crash." Touchdown uses a left hook, right stomach uppercut, a right backhand to the head, and finally a left jab, which makes Dominate hit the corner. Touchdown knocks Dominate out with a "Slam Tackle." (Losses 10.5K)

Upgrade Time:

After Dominic defeated Zeus with Total Speed (Yeah! XD), Dominic had all kinds of money. Because of this, he decided to give Dominate a major upgrade. For this, he hired Jayden Guthrie to do the job again. "So how'd the fight with Zeus go?" "Uhh.. about that." "What?" "I won!" "really!?" "Yeah! That's why I hired you now, I have all this money and I wanted to give Dominate an upgrade, so who better to hire than you?" "Heh, thanks. So whadya do with him?" "Everything. Absolutely everything, power, armor, speed, whatever." "Ok, well let me just take a look at Dominate, and i'll see what I can do." "Thanks!" "No prob." [A few minutes later,] "Well, I came up with a total" "How much will it be?" "25.25K. You did ask for a lot." "I understand, so here's your money." "Thanks, I'll work on him now!" "Thanks! Bye." "Seeya!" [The next day,} "Welp, i'm back with Dominate and he's better than ever!" "Thanks for bringing 'im! You did such great work! You know what? Here's a tip!" Dominic hands Jayden $5,050 (I actually did the math.) "Wow, thanks!" "No problem. Now maybe you should get going, I wouldn't be surprised if you have another customer!" "Okay, bye!"

Battle Time Again:

Dominate v. Crimson Carnage:

Wins 10.25K

Dominate v. Touchdown (Rematch):

Win 8.5K

Dominate v. Tackle:

Win 11K

Dominate v. Steampunk:

Win 12K

Dominate v. Sparowhawk:

Win 12.5K

Dominate v. Twin Cities:

The match starts, and Dominate goes straight forward with a right hook, and left uppercut. Twin Cities does the same right hook and left uppercut, and add a barrage of uppercuts, hooks, and hammer-fists, and Dominate manages to block most of them. Dominate counters with a "Super Smash," Twin Cities gets knocked backwards, and goes for a right overhand. Dominate counters with "Block Crash," and Twin Cities slams a "Hypnotic Flurry" into Dominate. Dominate smashes a right hook into Twin Cities, but gets blocked. Twin Cities finally counters with a finishing right overhand. (Losses 15K)

Dominate v. Twin Cities (Rematch):

Win 13K

Dominate v. Zeus:

Dominate walks into the ring with Zeus waiting. The match begins and Dominate throws a left hook into Zeus' face. Zeus retaliates with a right jab and then a left uppercut going diagonally, knocking Dominate off balance. Dominate goes for a "Decimation Fist." Zeus stumbles, and Dominate throws his left hand at Zeus' chest. Zeus comes back and slams a whole barrage of punches at Dominate, and he falls. Dominate gets up, but gets smashed to the ropes, and beaten up with "Relentless Assault." Dominate is severely damaged, and Dominic winces at the wreckage. "Wow, 'The Robot Wrecker' getting wrecked himself." Dominic mumbles. Dominate sees an incoming attack, and counters with a "Block Crash." Zeus nearly falls, but he leans on the ropes, and catapults himself towards Dominate, and smacking his head off with a right jab. (Losses 15K)

Dominate v. Zeus (Rematch):

Losses 17K

Dominate v. Zeus (2nd Rematch):

Wins 15K

Custom Bot Fights:

v. Destroyer:

Win | K.O | None

Battle Log:

Bot Name Win Loss Tie
Aquabot X
Bluebot X
Metro X
Six Shooter X
Blacktop X
Fat Boy X
Bio War X
Fat Boy (Rematch) X
Hollowjack X
Hollowjack (Rematch) X
Midas X
Blac Jac X
Cosmobot X
Sun Wukong X
Sun Wukong (Rematch) X
Hattori 2.0 X
Nitro X
Excavator X
Touchdown X
Crimson Carnage X
Touchdown (Rematch) X
Tackle X
Steampunk X
Sparowhawk X
Twin Cities X
Twin Cities (Rematch) X
Zeus X
Zeus (Rematch) X
Zeus (2nd Rematch) X


  • Dominate is Dominic Ranten's 2nd bot
  • Dominate's longest win streak (currently), is 8
  • Dominate won 26.75K for Dominic in the Underworld
  • Dominate won 35.5K for Dominic in the WRB
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