Attack: 100/100

Speed: 45/100

Defense: 95/100

Special: 100/100

Intelligence: 67/100

Nickname: The Master of Headbutts

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Jack Of All Stats

Country of Origin: Europe

Origin: N/A

Owner/Handler: Chris Domer

Special Move: Hole Creator

Special Feature: Heavy Domed Head

Chapter 1: The Domed Foundation

Chris Domer took a ship to Europe to buy another robot, the robot he previously had, has been annihilated. There were so many options when he got to the WRB Robot Shop(The robots listed aren’t real robots from the game, a page , movie or irl, I just made them up). In the shop, there was Downtown, Last Kiss, Dome, Martian, and Comrade, Chris bought Dome for £1,000. He took the same ship back to get Dome a fight. His first fight was set up against Aquabot.

Chapter 2: An Easy Start

“Your stupid dome-headed bot won’t stand a chance against Aquabot!!!” Said Arek Pekkanen (Aquabot’s Handler). “Oh yeah? Gimme $20,000 when I win!“ protested Chris. A few minutes later, the mechanical mayhem commenced. Aquabot landed a few punches on Dome. but Dome blocked his next hit, and charged at Aquabot headfirst, which dealt DEADLY damage, it blasted Aquabot in half and the top half of Aquabot flew off the ring. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Arek. Chris claimed his $20,000 bucks and got to keep the lower half of Aquabot.

Chapter 3: New Underdog


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