Name: Diablo

Title: The Dark Prince

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Diablo is a robot who was first added to the RS iOS game as a purchasable robot in the store and one of the strongest ones to be released in that game so far, going toe-to-toe with Asura, Dreadlord, Scorpion, Tri-Gore, Major Steel, Quarterback, Uhuru and Terror. As his name suggests, he is mainly based on the Devil (whose name in Spanish is "Diablo"), and is made to be reminiscent to him. In the RS WRB game, he is a WRB I superbot, which means he's much stronger than most of WRB I tier robots, including Twin Cities himself. He was added to the iOS game in a Halloween update, quickly gaining the fandom's love and therefore being added to WRB. He's the second strongest robot of the WRB I circuit, the first one being Klaus. He is purchasable in the superbot store in WRB using Event Credits and in the store in the iOS game using real money.

Announcer's Quote: "Diablo! The Dark Prince!"



Armor: 90/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 100/100


Health: 8600

Attack: 664

Special: 5478

WRB-I: 281


Diablo 001

Origin: UK

Ability: Corrosive Fists - Perfect Block

Weight: 1325 LBS

Height: 8'5"

Feature: Arm Blades

Special Moves:

1.- Guillotine Whirlwind (Original)

2.- Super Guillotine Whirlwind (Original)

3.- Ultra Guillotine Whirlwind (Original)


Diablo 002

Diablo is painted mostly in gray, with orange lights and trimmings. His face resembles a skull on fire with red glowing eyes and large curved horns. He also has three skull symbols, one on each shoulder and in the middle of his chest. His abdomen is glowing in orange light with a yellow "gem" in the middle. His fists are identical to Asura's, only with orange paint on the claws. He is somewhat reminiscent to both Dreadlord and Marvel's anti-hero, Ghost Rider. He also has three tiny spikes on each shoulder and of course his main feature, the blades on the outer side of his forearms which also have orange glowing lights. The fire around his head is most likely holographic, since using actual fire would be extremely inconvenient, for it would burn and soften the metal on Diablo's head and make it extremely easy to destroy, not to mention the hazard it would represent for everyone who were near him. This is also possible for his hands' fire effects when he performs a special move.


  • Diablo is one of the few robots in the whole Real Steel franchise to have a name in another language, the first one being Metro, whose name means "Measure" in Greek, or in another case "Meter" in Spanish.
  • He is able to elevate himself pretty high in the air by just spinning around, even though he doesn't seem to have any propulsion system.
  • Even though all of his special moves have the word "whirlwind" in them, the only moves in which he actually spins are his intro, Special 1 and Rip Off.
  • His Rip Off is also the only move in which he actually uses his blades.
  • In WRB 2 he comes back along with two variants and new nationality: Diablo, Zapatismo and Deletum 3000. All of them Mexican.
  • In WRB 2, Diablo's Super Guillotine Whirlwind (or Special Move 2) is renamed "Spinal Eclipse" due to the stomp on the opponent's back at the end of the move, and is used by several Nemesis robots, not only Diablo.
  • His origin country is pretty inconsistent throughout the franchise, since the iOS game says he's from the UK, while in WRB he is from the USA and in WRB 2 he's from Mexico.
  • In WRB 2 is where his name makes the most sense, since his name is a word in Spanish and he belongs to the Mexican nationality.
  • Both of his Rip Offs in iOS-WRB and WRB 2 consist on slamming the opponent against the ground, only the WRB 2 one is different.
  • Both of his Rip Offs tear both arms and the head off the torso.
  • His rip-off f involves him using his armblades to slash his opponent, and it may be using to attack the weak parts of the opponent's joints, which may explain the ease in the head and arms being taken off after being slammed down.
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