As his name implies, Devastation is all about destroying. Ever since Shawn Shuck's rival, Anthony Brooks watched Robot Boxing, he has been fascinated by the sport. When he saw Overkill however, he wanted to build a bot that could counter his. He hired an expert mechanic to build Devastation. He's based on the Team Mech bot Aftershock. Through the combined efforts of Global Mech, Devastation was destroyed.


The Unbreakable Steel Fighter


The Unbreakable Bot.... (BTW, just realized that this is Aftershock, so let's just assume he's a clone :)


Strength: 500/100

Armor: 300/100

Speed: 56/100

Intelligence: 35/100

Special: 200/100

Total: 911/500

Opening Line

It's the unbreakable steel fighter, the bringer of devastation, Devastator!

Special Features

Nearly Unbreakable Armor

Devastation has basically unbreakable armor.


vs Overkill Win Reward: 100 mil

vs Global Mech (Rematch+In Movie)

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