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(It looks like there is a gun on his right hand. It is supposed to be a hammer. (I found this photo online.))



Armor: 77/100

Power: 48/100

Intelligence: 37/100

Speed: 37/100

Special: 56/100

Strength: 96/100

Special Moves: Hammer Slam, Swinging Strike

Finisher: Hammer Down


Origin: Junkyard Scraps

Weight: 575 LBS

Announcing Line: He smashes everything, annihilating everything, it's Destroyer!

Features: Titanium Endoskeleton

Metals: Iron, Steel, Titanium

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Reconstruction

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Annihilator

Status: Working

Height: 6' 7"

Total Wins: 23

Total Losses: 4

Ties: N/A

Destroyer is an Annihilator built by materials from the junkyard/store Junkyard Scraps. Johnny decided he wanted another robot and took scrap from Junkyard Scraps to build Destroyer. Destroyer has one special feature: a titanium endoskeleton that gives Destroyer more protection from attacks and agility. Destroyer is an oversized robot completely in orange.


Johnny was walking around Junkyard Scraps when he saw some Annihilator fists lying around. He decided to make a robot from the parts. He grabbed a bunch of metal around and put together an orange robot. He named it Destroyer. He put him next to Paradox and Shockwave and went to sleep.

First Fight

Johnny called Finn, owner of the Crash Palace. He told him he had another robot ready for fighting at the Crash Palace. Finn told Johnny everyone was ready for fighting again. Johnny told Finn he would drive to the Crash Palace now. Johnny brought Destroyer into the ring with Aquabot. At the bell, Destroyer swung his hammer at Aquabot, knocking him out of the ring. Finn gave Johnny his prize money and told him the Crash Palace was ready for Johnny anytime.

Money Mashing

Aquabot was a small obstace in Destroyer's path. Johnny used his fame to earn more money from fighting with Destroyer.

Below are the fights and rewards from the Underworld.

Total money: $7300

Opponent Result Reward
Aquabot Win $500
Bluebot Win $500
Metro Win $750
Six Shooter Win $600
Blacktop Win $600
Fat Boy Win $600
Blockbuster Win $750
Bio War Win $750
Hollowjack Win $750
Midas Loss N/A
Midas (rematch) Win

$1500, The King Of

The Underworld title

WRB Fighting

The WRB decided to accept Destroyer into the WRB (Because Johnny is a great controller.) They told Johnny that Destroyer didn't need to fight Blac Jac to enter the WRB. However, Johnny decided to fight Blac Jac to earn more money and fame. At the start, Blac Jac landed heavy blows to Destroyer. Then a lucky strike from Destroyer knocked Blac Jac into the ropes, flinging him into Destroyer's Hammer Fist and becoming knocked out.

Below are the fights that Destroyer fought in the WRB.

Total money: $45000

Opponent Result Reward
Blac Jac Win $2500, Entry

into the WRB

Abandon Win $2500
Cosmobot WIn $2500
Sun Wukong Win $2500
Hattori 2.0 Win $2500
Nitro Win $2500
Excavator Win $3000


Win $3000
Touchdown WIn $3000
Tackle Win $4500
Steampunk Win $4500
Twin Cities WIn $5500
Zeus Loss N/A
Zeus(rematch) Loss N/A


Loss N/A


Win $6500, Champion

of the WRB

Bot Fighting Time!

Destroyer won the title of Champion of the WRB from Zeus. Now custom bots fight Destroyer.

Below are the custom fights Destroyer fought in.

Opponent Result Reward

(Coming Soon)


Nothing yet :/

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