Special Feature: sharp head


Armor (before upgrade):1235,after upgrade:2231

Power (before upgrade):82,after upgrade:188

Special (before upgrade):11,after upgrade:21

Bot type: before upgrade: fragile speedster Lv.3 after upgrade: destroyer Lv.5


Deep hit before the upgrade


Deep Hit after the upgrade

Owner:Alex Jeners.


Vs Voodoo:WIN 2354$

Vs Freezer:WIN 3000$

Vs Punk:WIN 4005$

Vs Enforcer:LOSS.Rematch:(upgraded):WIN 5640$

Vs Noisy Boy:WIN 68000$

And here's the story itself: So, Alex was a fan of robot boxing. He really wanted to fight with his OWN robot. So he went to the junkyard and found parts of PINHEAD. He connected them, and, DEEP HIT is ready to go. He went to CRASHPALACE and talked to Finn. ,,Get me the best robots you have here,,REALLY?! You just entered the robo-box, and you want our best? Well...okay." *3 hours later* ,,Ladies And Gentlemen, welcome to the BIG NIGHT OF CRASHPALACE!! In the right corner we have VOODOO! And in the left corner we have a newcomer! Say ,,Hi" to...DEEP HIT!" ,,let's go, buddy." The bell rang, one right hook,left jab,kick and Voodoos finished. ,,We have a winner,DEEP HIT!" Then went FREEZER.,,Introducing,the cold hand,FREEZER!" *ding ding* Freezer did an uppercut,hook and wanted to do a headbutt but missed. Deep hit grabs Freezers head and kicks it. Freezer on the ground, Punk is next. ,,Here's PUNK!" Punk does a left uppercut and a special move (chest-slam). Deep hit gets up and starts hooking and jabbing Punk. Punk falls on the ground. Enforcer next up. ,,introducing ENFORCER!!" Deep hit got close to Enforcer but got pounded on the ground. When he got up, the two robots started beasting each other. The bell rang, the judges counted it as a draw. But Alex counted it as a loss,so did Enforcers owner. So they did another round. But Deep hit was upgraded, so he just did a right uppercut and Enforcer was on the ground. "Everyone, THE ULTIMATE FIGHT AGAINST NOISY BOY IS GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER TWO HOURS!!!" So 2 hours have passed, time for the fight for the title. "Introducing, DEEP HIT!" "We can do this,bro." Deep hit entered the ring. "Here's the STEEL SAMURAI,NOISY BOOOOY!!!" Noisy entered the ring. The bell rang, and Noisy started beating Deep hit to death. Deep hit gets up, and starts doing uppercuts and hooks. One uppercut missed,and Noisy did a Wakizashi Hook. That pounded Deep hit to the chains. Then Noisy did a gravity slam,Deep hit on the ground. The bell rang, second round ahead. So, Deep hit started doing uppercuts and hooks again. The right hook pounded Noisy on the ground. 1...2...3...4...5...6! Noisy Boy gets up,starts doing uppercuts and hooks like Deep hit.A jab pounded Deep hit to the chains,ripping off his left arm. Nothing was left for Deep hit. He just started doing a Hydro-Slam-like move with the right arm. KNOCKOUT! Deep hit won the title! Alex was so happy. ,,Hey, Alex, you're actually a pretty good fighter" "I know, Finn, but I was just hoping for the win" So,Deep hit is now the terror of Crashpalace.


finisher:noisy boy


Special:Aquabot (depth charge)

Special thanks to Scauldy the Scauldron for helping me with the loading thing


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