Name: Decker

Decker posing at a roadside

Title/Nickname: The Duke of the Deck

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Glass Cannon

Armor: 76/100

Power: 82/100

Special: 138/100

Status: Online


Origin: Canada

Weight: 1466lbs

Height: 8'4"

Special Feature: Armoured neck

Signature Moves: Jawbreaker, Deck-Slam, Jacknife

Opening Line: "Slamming opponents straight to the floor, Decker!"

Winning Line: "With a curb-stomp to the opponent's face, the Duke of the Deck wins again!

Special Move Descriptions

Jawbreaker: A swift left cross followed by a powerful right uppercut to the opponent's jaw, ending in a kick to the chest.

Deck-Slam: A right punch to the opponent's right shoulder keeps them stunned whilst Decker whirls around to their back and hurls them to the floor.

Jacknife: Right jab, left jab, then a heavy right lower cut diagonally down from the opponent's left shoulder to their chest. (In all of 3 seconds)


Decker looks like a well armoured bot at first, but the titanium-aluminium alloy shielding doesn't hold up that well in a fight. His only comfort is his special neck plating, which protects him from most, if not all decapitations. His "eyes" are actually thermal scanners that help locate the opponent's power core, with the exception of turbofan or cold fusion cores, both of which are now outdated anyways. He bears a resemblance to Argus , as both of them were manufactured by HarmOnium. However, Argus was made before HarmOnium moved to Canada, whereas Decker was built after, along with Shatterpunch, SyncShock and BeatBoxer. He is a shiny metallic gray and sports a tough look with angled armour.


After HarmOnium moved to Canada, they realised that robots based on greek mythology might seem out of place. Instead, they made bots that looked cool and dished out major amounts of damage. Decker was their first foray into Generation 4 robot building (Argus was upgraded to a G4, not built as one). Decker's victories were followed by his three successors, Shatterpunch, SyncShock and BeatBoxer, all built with a sleek and efficient design in mind. These greenhorn bots haven't got many wins yet, but their popularity there is unrivaled.

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