Power: 120/200

Health: 2999

Type: Game Breaker Lv.5

Note: I bought it from eBot. No lie.

Handler: Hazmat No.99 (he is a hazmat and never ever reveals his true name)


Death Stream was bought from eBot by Hazmat 99. Death Stream's first match was Bluebot. Very weak opponent, Death Stream jumped and kicked the face, which is poorly protected. Hazmat 99 got 10.000$ and got back. Death Stream got repaired and upgraded. Six Shooter was challenging Death Stream to a fight, and Sixshooter did well until Death Stream grabbed Sixshooter and threw it outside the ring. This was not a normal fight though as DS was taking main event in CP. The surprise was not money but 100% chance to appear in WRB. Blacktop landed a Rev-Hook but Death Stream replied with a Fog Attack and Blacktop was very stunned, giving Death Stream chance to attack. The new bot punched the head 10 times and Blacktop was knocked out cold. Then Fat Boy was getting pummeled and got its head clawed to pieces. Then Death Stream faced Bio War and DS landed a deadly Fog Attack and Bio War was suffering from the fog and lost with sadness. Then Hollowjack, Atom and Midas lost miserably and Hazmat 99 won the prize: 900.000.000$ and the WRB. DS' first opponent was Abandon. Death Stream defeated thy living freezer by landing a Fog Attack. Death Stream fought Cosmobot and lost a hand but won. DS got better and was repaired again. Next was Kong Tron/Robot King Kong. Death Stream went victorious by ripping off the monkey head. The Wheeler Driller challenged Death Stream to a match but lost miserably and got on a very long streak but came upon Zeus. DS won by landing a Fog Attack.


Death Stream punches the opponent rapidly until they weaken then rip off the head (DS only uses this on Kong Tron)


Fog= Signature weapon.

Pincer arm

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