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-Armor: 93/100 (Turbo Mode: 200/100)

-Power: 98/100 (Turbo Mode: 200/100)

Intelligence: 91/100 (Turbo Mode: 200/100)

-Speed: 89/100 (Turbo Mode: 200/100)

-Special: 85/100 (Turbo Mode: 200/100)

-Strength: 96/100 (Turbo Mode: 200/100)

-Dark Power Core Moves: Dark Fist, Metal Bash, Darkest Uppercut, Power Charge, Doom Takedown, Cloaked Dash, Mega Smash.

-Special Moves: Dark Smash, Locked Head Smash, Crazy Bash, Rage Assault, and Fist Pistons, NukeFist (body), NukeFist (head), Relentless Assault, Tyrant Blow.

-Finishers: Dark Pulse, Fury Arm Bash, Head Chopper.


-Origin: USA

-Weight: 1658 LBS

-Announcing Line: The Reaper of Hell, comes from the darkest part of hell and here himself is the Grim Reaper himself DARKMOUNT!!!

-Features: Dark Power Core, Movement Sensors, Adaptive Ai, X-ray Vision, Double Layered Armour, Tungsten Fists, Plasma Pistons.

-Metals: Tungsten, Uranium, Iron, Plantuim.

-Controller: Aiden Velasco

-Ability: Darkest Stun

-Danger Level: High

-Nicknames: The "Reaper", The Destroyer of bots.

-Height: 8' 3"

-Total Wins/Losses/Ties=45/12/8

Darkmount is mostly known for being the Underdog of Crash Palace after beating Midas and others but recently was entered in the WRB Real Steel Championship Aiden has been proud of his comeback after the loss in 2019 from his old bot Breaker Boy.   Darkmount is a very durable robot with its double layered armor.  He has 8 features. The Dark Power Core is the main power source and runs on the finest Oil and Fuel for being fast and powering every move.  The Movement Sensors are sensors that Darkmount uses to sense the moves of his opponents a split second.   The Double Layered Armour is the reason why Darkmount is very durable but the con here is that it lowers the speed by 2% and can cause a few movement problems but the durability makes him last longer.  The Adaptive Ai is like Zeus's but has an enhanced Ai making it copy and predict its opponents move and also helps the movement sensors.  The X-ray Vision is very helpful but is very limited due to the reason that it takes up so much storage that it needed to be limited so it may find weaknesses but may be 95% accurate due to the overheating and has a very limited range if the opponent is in the opposite corner it can't see the bot it needs to be face to face. The Tungsten Fists are made from tungsten actually to have a very hard punch but the fists them selves is hard to craft due to the reason it takes a while to melt and mold the metal into fists but after they're molded the metal will pack a strong punch. The Plasma Pistons are pistons made of plasma they work like normal pistons but the plasma adds more extra damage with the piston and punch. The only reason he's called Darkmount is because every bad person wants power so I gave this bot some pros and cons. And therefore he is going to be known for being the The Grim "Reaper" from the darkest part of hell.      

The Beginning of This Story

Aiden was a contiender below Midas and once had been entered into a WRB championship.  Aiden's bot Breaker Boy had been a bot of killers but it all ended when Destroyer was killed by Zeus and lost in 2nd place.  Aiden had lost and soon he'd sold his bot to scarp dealer and soon had been devastated but soon he'd make a new bot after the 12k he'd got from his bot and the 10k for being in 2nd place. Prototype Stage:


A New Bot (First Win and Loss)

After getting alot of parts and other things Aiden made Darkmount and added his Double Armor, X-ray Vision, Movement Sensors, Adaptive Ai.  After that Aiden decided that he would fight Metro X but little did he now that it would be his first win in months.  When the battle began instantly Darkmount began to get a beating but after the first round began he soon found the weakness for Metro X was that his head had been the weak spot but was made of uranium but the tungsten fists were no match against Metro X and soon had system error made Metro X hammer its torso and started to hit its own core and soon caught on fire then fell to the ground.  The next battle was against Excavator and lost due to me losing a arm because Aiden had forgot that Excavator has a strong punch with his claws and soon his arm was chopped off when Excacvator clawed into the joints and broke the arm.  And soon Darkmount had been stunned and knocked out and lost.  It took 5 days to repair the arm but soon Aiden rematched Excavator and beated by targeting his head and used a move he just made and it destroyed Excavators head and killed it and soon the finsisher was gonna be called Head Chopper.  The next battle was against the king him self of Crash Palace Midas but Midas had played dirty by using Tyrant blow then used Tomahawk Blow and stated to hit the back but Darkmount had taken a lot of damage then Midas tried to use his finisher Rip Off but Darkmount used a right uppercut and stunned Midas then Midas let go then Darkmout used Rage Assault and downed Midas then when Midas got up Darkmount held Midas and destroyed Midas's head with his signature finisher Head Chopper.

Money, Fame, Beating Bots

After beating Midas in a battle Aiden needed to prepare for the worst so he upgraded the double layered armor with uranium because tungsten was hard to find and hard to forge and also had used a similar Ai to Zeus and installed the automated Ai like Zeus's so Aiden could just moniter the power and moves in use and also can switch to manual if needed if the Ai was to slow to learn the fighting pattern.  Once these ugrades were added it was time to kill and  eliminate some bots.

M.D = Minor Damage

H.D = Heavy Damage

E.D = Extreme Damage

UnderWorld Fights

DarkMount VS Metro X= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Excavator= Loss E.D

DarkMount VS Excavator (rematch)= WIN H.D

DarMount VS Midas= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Bluebot= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Aquabot= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Blacktop= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Albino= WIN H.D

Darkmount VS Bio War= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Fat Boy= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Shogun= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Six Shooter= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Blockbuster= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Skar= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (rematch) Skar= WIN E.D

DarkMount VS HollowJack= LOSS H.D

DarkMount VS (rematch) HollowJack= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Gambit= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Nitro= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Shogun= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Fluxcore= WIN H.D

The WRB Fight

After a period of time DarkMount soon got the attention of the WRB and soon one of the people who owned bots asked Aiden if he wanted to challenge Blac Jac and soon the battle between DarkMount and Blac Jac would soon happen.  Once the day came Aiden was excited to fight Blac Jac but didn't get to confiedent when Destroyer lost to Zeus so he kept calm and let what hapens in that ring happens in the ring.  After preping DarkMount Aiden was soon asked to bring his bot to the ring and soon the match would begin.  Before the match began Aiden and the owner of said "May the best bot win" and we both exchanged numbers to make robots some day but that wasn't important at the moment.  Round one started blac Jac went for a combo of a left jab and right uppercut but DarkMount blocked it and used Rage Assault and Blac Jac soon was knocked to the ground.  The count began and once it reached 6 Blac Jac was almost ready and then got up then went for his special Poker Face but DarkMount blocked and then used a combo of a left cross and right uppercut and stunned Blac Jac once more and then used Dark Smash by smashing his face and pounding him to the corner and then Knock out Blac Jac fell to the floor it took 8 seconds for Blac Jac to power back on but it was to late and then Ding, Ding, Ding the bell went off and Blac Jac lost and soon the match ended withnDarkMount being the winner and after the win many other bot owner wanted to fight DarkMount but first Aiden had to collect his money from Blac Jac's owner and he got 150k and they shock hands and then Aiden said " Hey I'd like to say something, when I first came to the WRB with my first robot Breaker Boy I thought we would win but I don't know if you know this robot but i lost to ZEUS and I hope I can beat this robot" he said.  And instantly everyone started chanting DarkMount and Aiden was proud but little did he know that this was only the beginning of the legacy of DarkMount.


These fights lead up to the Champion fights and DarkMounts legacy of being a killer of bots.  And he did KO, Knock Out, And destroyed bots in these battles for the fact he is a strong bot.


DarkMount VS Blac Jac= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Gridlock= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Camelot= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Cosmobot= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (rematch) Cosmobot= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (last rematch) Cosmobot= WIN E.D

DarkMount VS Axelrod= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Seahawk= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Abandon= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Photon= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Spitfire= WIN H.D

DarkMount VS Hattori 2.0= WIN E.D

DarkMount VS Jasper= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Noisy Boy= WIN E.D

DarkMount VS Steampunk= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Abel= WIN M.D

DarkMount VS Zeus= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (rematch) Zeus= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (rematch) Zeus= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (rematch) Zeus= LOSS E.D

DarkMount VS (final rematch) Zeus= WIN E.D

The Champion of Revenge

After 5 rematches against Zeus DarkMount finally won with a knock out Zeus has never been knocked out before a bot called Atom  DarkMount was the second soon the count began and Zeus got up at 7 but fell at 9 and DING, DING, DING DarkMount won and became the WRB champion and the crowd chanted DarkMount and Aiden got the microphone and made a annoucment saying " I'd like to thank everyone whose been here since the underworld or the WRB when I created DarkMount my main goal was to get my revenge and now I stand here proud and I like to thank you all" Aiden said proudy and now DarkMount is the King Of Robots and The Grim "REAPER" now there will be one challenge left ATOM.

The Final Upgrade

Before Aiden could challenge Charlie Kenton and Max Kenton with Atom Aiden added one of DarkMount's powerful upgrades. The Plasma Pistons like Zeus when DarkMount punches right before a punch the piston pushes out and then adds a lot of damage and a potential stun if a hard enough hit on the head.  This upgrade should also increase the odds of a harder punch and knock out.  This will also make fighting Underworld bots easy to beat and an instant KO and no bot will ever live.  


U.E.D= Ultra Extreme Damage

DarkMount VS Sarge= TIE M.D

DarkMount VS  Zeus V2.0= TIE E.D


-DarkMount is actually my robot i created from the Real Steel (video game) i made of verious part

-DarkMount's piston fists are the Omega Fists that are Zeus from the Real Steel (video game) and also have Zeus's arms which match with the fists.

-The name Darkmount was a name I thought I made up but it was from a transformer bot.

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