Name: Dark Red

Title: The Child of the Shadows

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online



Based on Gaby, Dark Red is a Russian originally made to be used as a mascot against homophobia in Russia, but she gained popularity so quick that her creator, Ruby Nova, decided to get her into the fights, more specifically the Underworld. Just like Hadez, Dark Red has ruby armor shell, which makes her extremely endurable and strong. She also counts with two abilities: Vampire Health and Reconstruction, making her extremely difficult to beat. Currently with a career of 35-0, Dark Red has made her way through the Underworld and helping her creator's voice to be listened all around the world. She has also joined Hypernova and Gaby in a team called Femme Fatales.

Announcer's Quote: "She's the Red Death. The Child of the Shadows! Here's Dark Red!"



Armor: 80/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 70/100

RS Champions:

Health: 4003 - 25782

Attack: 303 - 1941

Critical: 1324 - 8709

Special: 613 - 4003

RGN 2 - 5: 421 - 2970

Boost: Double Damage


Dark Red 001

Origin: Russia

Ability: Vampire Health - Reconstruction

Weight: 300 kg

Height: 2.40 meters

Feature: Ruby Armor Shell

Element: Fire

Special Moves:

1.- Blood Night (Original)

2.- Super Blood Night (Original)

3.- Ultra Blood Night (Original)


Dark Red 002

Dark Red is pretty much a straight copy of Gaby, since all of her assembly is the exact same, the only thing that changes being her color scheme, which is now black, blood red and bright red lights and trimmings. She's pretty reminiscent to Cardinal Chaos due to the design of her face and visor, and also has quite big shoulder pads and feet. Her fists are pretty average-sized and her torso is almost completely red. Just like Gaby, she has a pretty advanced moveset in comparison to most robots', since hers has a lot of jumps and turns, making it obvious she's a pretty light and fast robot. She has fought robots like Midas, Metro, Six Shooter, Blacktop and even Spectre, Phantom and Anubis, beating them all. She is exclusively an Underworld fighter, although she has attended to a couple WRB fights, but only in the 3v3 dynamic along with Hypernova and Gaby, other than that, the Underworld and the Crash Palace are her kingdom and her home, and Ruby's happy fighting there, whether she's invited to be an official WRB fighter or not, she doesn't really care as long as she gives people what they want and make her voice be heard.


Dark Red 003

Head: Noisy Boy (Gold Grade)

Torso: Six Shooter (Platinum Grade)

Right Arm: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Left Arm: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Right Leg: Touch Down (Silver Grade)

Left Leg: Touch Down (Silver Grade)


Dark Red 004

Intro: Shogun

Heavy Attacks: Jaw Breaker, High Kick, Power Jab, Sidewinder

Special Move: Mechismo Taunt

Finisher: Shogun

Win: Aztec


Base: Black 3

Body: Red 3

Accent: Red 1



  • Ruby is dating the creator of the Nova Siblings, who is also a girl.
  • It's not weird to see Dark Red and Hypernova fighting together, since their creators are a couple.
  • She has only been in danger of losing a fight ONCE, and it was against Black Hole.
  • The name "Dark Red" is also derived from Gaby, since this is a darker version of her.
  • Despite being based on a Mexican bot, Dark Red is Russian.
  • She shares two things with Hades: The Vampire Health and the ruby armor shell.
  • It's unknown who would win if Dark Red and Hades fought each other.
  • Dark Red's special move's name "Blood Night", is based on an even in Russia, where once a month, all the lights in Moscow are shut and replaced with red lights during the night.
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