Dark Fist
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Vital statistics
Title The Phantom Fists
Generation 3
Bot Type Blitz Cannon
Status Under Maintenance
Name: Dark Fist

Title: The Phantom Fists

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Blitz Cannon

Status: Under Maintenance

Origin: Japan


  • Former: Edwin Kakashi/Vinzer Kakashi
  • Current: Keiichi Akamine & Yuuko Sakurai


Previous (Before Death)

Armor: 88/100

Power: 84/100

Speed: 97/100

Intelligence: 75/100

Special: 91/100

OVERALL: 435/500

Current (After Death)

Armor: 50/100

Power: 60/100

Speed: 70/100

Intelligence: 60/100

Special: 70/100

OVERALL: 310/500

Signature Moves:

No significant moveset (yet).

Weight: 600 LBS

Height: 7'11


Edwin Kakashi was an inspiring man.

Having won the WRB Champions League AND Gold Title in the same month with an incredible bot (at the time) called Dark Fist, Edwin was looking bright at his bot's potential future. Having beat Rubicon, Noisy Boy, and even an early Twister, Dark Fist was slowly rising to become one of the WRB's pioneers.

Unfortunately, that time never came.

A few weeks later after his strong victories, Edwin was diagnosed with a deadly disease. It was so lethal that it could kill it's victims in only two days. Already facing harsh symptoms, Edwin could no longer live to support his passion, and although acting fit and healthy, died a week later.

A considerable time after, Edwin's brother Vinzer stopped by at his brother's old household. It was abandoned, with Edwin's projects still inside his garage. Lacking effort to create a new bot, Vinzer busted open the garage door and went to look for a previous gem instead. He found plenty of them. RedBot, Lockett, Scuba, and even Caboose were found, lying on the rusty wall. However, a dusty but yet appealing bot had caught Vinzer's eye.

Dark Fist.



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