Name: Dark Fiend

Title: The Demonic Predator

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Dark Fiend looks almost exactly like Fiend, only he has some more designs on some parts of his body and the obvious color variant, which instead of being black and red is grayish blue, silver, midnight blue and cyan lights. In the Real Steel iOS game his stats are higher than the original Fiend's, but in the Real Steel WRB game his stats are actually lower since Fiend is a WRB2 robot, while Dark Fiend is a UW2 robot, so in the RS iOS game Dark Fiend could be considered an upgrade of Fiend, while in the RS WRB game he could be considered a prototype for him being weaker.

Announcer's Quote: "The Demonic Predator! Dark Fiend!"


Armor: 80/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 70/100


Dark Fiend 002

Origin: China

Height: 8'0"

Weight: 1100 lbs

Special Moves:

1.- Jacked Up

2.- Super Jacked Up (Twin Cities)

3.- Ultra Jacked Up (Zeus)


Dark Fiend 004

Dark Fiend looks almost exactly the same like Fiend, only with some extra details on his body besides the paint scheme change. Now Dark Fiend instead of being dark gray and red as its predecessor, his colors are grayish blue, midnight blue, silver and cyan accent and lights. His eyes glow with a light blue fire-like effect coming out of them. He has his power core in the middle of his chest and he has a skeleton-like head and abdomen. His Special Moves and heavy attacks are the exact same of Fiend's. In the Real Steel iOS game, Dark Fiend has better stats than Fiend for he has one more point of armor and speed, while in the Real Steel WRB game it looks like if he was actually Fiend's prototype since he's an UW2 robot, which makes his stats way lower than Fiend's, although most players prefer to consider him as an upgrade of Fiend since he first appeared in the Real Steel iOS game, in which he's stronger than Fiend.


  • He has the exact same battle chassis
  • They share all moves, from special moves to heavy attacks
  • Unlike Noisy Boy and Cardinal Chaos, Fiend and Dark Fiend's special moves have the exact same names
  • The announcer gets to end his introducing speech with Dark Fiend, while with Fiend most of time it's cut short
  • In the Real Steel iOS game, Dark Fiend's glow with a green fire effect instead of blue
  • He is a Superbot in the RS WRB game, which means he can only be used during live events and while having Wi-Fi connection, while in the RS iOS game the user can play with him anytime and anywhere
  • Although improbable, his name may be a play on "archfiend".
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