Name: Dark Boy

Title: The Cosmic Samurai

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online



Dark Boy is larger than the original Noisy Boy. He has bigger fists with large spikes on the outer forearms, the top of his shoulders and his toes. He's the strongest variant of Noisy Boy, even stronger than Cardinal Chaos. Most of his assembly is more reminiscent to Cardinal Chaos than Noisy Boy due to the designs and light decoration, but he's still Noisy Boy. He's a buildable robot in the Real Steel: Champions game since all his parts are in the "Dark Matter" Elements section, although the player would have to spend many Real Gold coins to buy his parts or craft them for they're not buyable on Real Silver coins. The moveset can also be customized by the player or they can also buy Noisy Boy's actual moves.

Announcer's Quote: "Straight from outer space, it's the Cosmic Samurai! Make some noise for Noisy Boy!"


Health: 26589

Attack: 2013

Critical: 8660

Special: 4152

RGN-5: 3078

Boost: Double Damage


Dark Boy 002

Origin: USA

Ability: Steel Bulwark

Weight: 830 lbs

Height: 8'6"

Feature: Shogun Helmet

Special Moves:

1.- Katana Hook (Noisy Boy)

2.- Super Katana Hook (Phantom)

3.- Ultra Katana Hook (Drago)


Dark Boy 003

Dark Boy is larger in body mass in comparison to the original Noisy Boy. He has large fists with big and pointy spikes on the top of his shoulders, the outside of his forearms and on his toes. Taking away the color and the symbols, he is more reminiscent to Cardinal Chaos than Noisy Boy due to the designs throughout his body and the assembly in general. He still has his Kanji, but since it was mirrored to give him more symmetry it lost its meaning (it used to mean "Ultra-Evil Man"), he's also 6 inches taller than his original counterpart. He has stronger hit power, special and armor than any other Noisy Boy variant. He's painted in several shades of purple, being a dark purple the most dominant one, followed by light purple, and he still keeps his red and yellow lights. His face has no longer eyes, but rather a visor that´s below the helmet and above the mask. His mask also has three yellow lights on each side, and he has yellow lines in some parts of his body. He keeps his voice control feature and now he can have new moves programmed in his memory to respond to during combat, unlike his original version. His assembly is bulkier than the original one, but he's still even faster than the original Noisy Boy.


  • He's larger and taller than the original Noisy Boy.
  • He's the strongest version of Noisy Boy.
  • Despite being extremely powerful, he's vulnerable to Fire robots.
  • His Kanji doesn't mean anything anymore.
  • He's more reminiscent to Cardinal than Noisy.
  • If he fought Zeus, he could actually win.
  • He's still handled by Charlie Kenton.
  • He keeps his modified motor to keep making his characteristic creaking and humming noises.
  • Despite his bulky look, he's faster than any other Noisy Boy version.
  • Despite his still soft look, his armor is hard enough to put up a fight against Asura.
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