Danger Zone
Danger Zone
Vital statistics
Title The World War II Fighter
Generation 2
Bot Type Unknown/Possibly Lightning Bruiser
Status Destroyed

Name: Danger Zone

Title/Nickname: "The World War II Fighter"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Unknown

Status: Destroyed


Danger Zone is the bot that is fought just before Zeus in the Real Steel game for iOS devices. He is known as the World War 2 Fighter. He weighs 1070 lbs and his signature move is "Dive Bomb".

In the movie, Danger Zone was destroyed when Zeus pulled his core out.


Origin : United Kingdom

Armour : 85/100

Power : 65/100

Speed : 98/100

iOS Stats

Armour: 6/10

Power: 7/10

Speed: 6/10

Height : 8'0'

Announcer's Quote: "Strafing enemy fighters with unfriendly fire, it's Danger Zone!"

WRB Stats:

Health: 1400

Power: 108

Special: 13

40 Stars

Special Move: Dive Bomb

                        Super Dive Bomb (Blacktop)

                        Ultra Dive Bomb (Abandon)


Danger Zone's Real Steel WRB Card


Danger Zone's main color is green. He has targets as ears, green eyes and black marks. He has finish flags behind him, as well as metal and screws. His final feature is the rockets behind his arms and legs. His nickname matches his attributes as well as giving him some details that he is an old fighter.


  • Danger Zone was known as Spitfire in the now-defunct online game.
  • Danger Zone is a fighter from Underworld I in the WRB game, despite being a League bot.
  • Danger Zone is one of the only bots that can rip both Atom's and Zeus' heads off.
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