NAME: Daimyo, "The Feudal Warrior."


BOT TYPE: Lightning Bruiser

HANDLER: Hanzo Takamori

ANNOUNCER QUOTE: "Introducing the fuedal warrior, Daimyo!"

STATUS: Online/Brand New.


WEIGHT: 1043 lbs.



STRENGTH: 95/100

SPEED: 90/100


ARMOUR: 54/100


MADE IN: South Korea

SIGNATURE MOVES: Feudal Punishment, Super Feudal Punishment (Fiend), Ultra Feudal Punishment (Phantom)

FEATURES: Brass Armour


Daimyo is a 3rd Generation robot, average-sized, good strength and speed, and durable armour, that is made out of brass. His owner, Hanzo Takamori, was interested in the idea of robot boxing, and since he had ancestors related to ancient rulers in feudal Japan, this inspired him to make a robot that would remind him of his anscestors. Since he was a not that wealthy, his time to build this robot was 2 years long. At the cost of 13,450,000 dollars, he had a tough time building him. He first bought about $50,000 worth of brass and titanuim, which is what he used to craft the exoskeleton and outer armour for the bot, then, added the rest of the supplies. After the 2 long years, Diamyo was born.

First Fight

Since Hanzo was eager to test out Daimyo, he headed over to the closest place for robot boxing, the Crash Palace. His first fight was to go against Bluebot. The bell ringed. As the two bots walked towards each other, Bluebot swung first. Daimyo dodged the punch, and struck back. This hit was fatal to Bluebot because it was a flat-out blow to the breastplate. Bluebot dropped to the ground. As the announcer counted down, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8....", Bluebot manged to lift off the ground, groggily. Hanzo Shouted into Daimyo's headset, "ROUNDHOUSE TAKEDOWN!", and as this happened, Daimyo did a swift roundhouse kick straight to Bluebots neck, taking Bluebots head clean off. "AND WITH A SWIFT KICK TO THE HEAD, DAIMYO IS THE WINNER!!!", yelled the announcer. Hanzo felt a great feeling, the feeling of victory.


After the fight with Bluebot, Arek Pekkanen, the owner of Aquabot came up to Hanzo. "Hey, nice moves you got there! Mine name is Arek Pekkanen, proud owner of Aquabot.", said Arek as he zoomed over Daimyo's brightly colored body. "Uh, thanks?", said Hanzo in a confused manner. "Tell you this, I wanna see how well your bot does against mine. Saturday, at 4:00 PM flat.", Arek offered. "Ok, I will see you then. Oh, and my name is Hanzo by the way." "Ok Hanzo, I will be ready to kick your bot.", teased Arek. The two then parted ways. "Well, nice job back there Daimyo.", said Hanzo the looking at Daimyo. Then, it was finally Saturday, around 3:45 PM, where Hanzo was waiting for Arek. "He should've been here by no--", just as Hanzo was interrupted by Arek, "Hanzo! You made it!", Arek exclaimed. "Well, glad to see your here. Anyway, lets give each other 10 minutes to prepare.", suggested Hanzo. "Sounds good to me!", said Arek. The 10 minutes have passed quickly. The fight took place in a parking lot, surrounded by cars. "3...2...1...FIGHT!", the announcer exclaimed. The two bots started to walk around in a circle manner, looking at each other striaght in the eyes, then, suddenly, Aquabot charged at Daimyo, sending a hit straight to Daimyo's leg. Daimyo tripped but managed to recover. But as soon as Daimyo got up, Aquabot came in with a barrage of punches to Daimyo's belly. Daimyo tried to block the punches, but they were too fast and too powerful. "DEPTH CHARGE!", commanded Arek as Aquabot then proceeded to charge at Daimyo, but then Daimyo tripped Aquabot, who then fell to the ground. As Aquabot fell to the ground Daimyo proceeded to strike Aquabot on the back, which then resulted in Aquabot having a systems failure. As the announcer counted down, Aquabot caught on fire. This then resulted in a knockout, which then gave Daimyo the victory. Hanzo collected his earnings and left. After this, Daimyo proceeded to fight more robots in the underworld.

Robot fought Win or Loss Reason of KO Earnings
Blacktop Win Knocked off head $670
Six Shooter Win Knocked Six Shooter to ground $450
No Joke Win Knocked off arm and head 600
Sarge Loss Overheated $45
Tackle Loss Didn't get up after count of 10 $50
Hollowjack Win Twisted HJ's head off $800
Midas Win Ripped out motherboard $1,150

After all these fights, Daimyo managed to finally get in the WRB fighting league.

Robot fought Win or Loss Reason of KO Earnings
Camelot Win Pulled off leg $2,000
Gridlock Draw Were fighting for too many rounds $500
Shogun Win Kicked off head $1,400
Cosmobot Loss Knocked down to ground $300
Nitro WIn Nitro overheated $3,500
Crimson Carnage Loss Hit in the head $300
Albino Win Knocked off head $3,500
Twin Cities Win Even though both never destroyed each other, Daimyo win by default. $4,000
Cardinal Chaos Win Didn't get up after the count of 10 $3,500
Tri-Gore WIn Manged to juke Tri-Gore and then smashed head off $7,000
Asura Win Won by default $6,500

After these fights, Daimyo has then become a retired bot. But as many of his fans are speculating, he will make a great return.

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