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Stats (Cyclone)

Subject-3658 - 複製

ARMOR: 65/100

STRENGTH: 70/100






Stats (Earth)

ARMOR: 85/100

STRENGTH: 95/100

SPEED:: 70/100







Cyclone is the white robot with1 eye. His body looks fairly similar with his twin Earth, although his forehead has a crown similar to Camelot. Cyclone is extremely quick although his punches are weak compared to other bots, and his strategy is to outrun his enemies and dish out a barrage of punches,than evade, then he continues the cycle till he brings down the enemy bot.


Cyclone barrages the midsection of the enemy bot, than kicking them in the stomach 3 times, than 2 deadly uppercuts.


The black bot. This robot might be a Generation 4, as he has a slightly different structure than G-3.5s. This bot is extremely powerful although slow, and relies on power and defense to counter speedy bots. This bot would pummel weaker enemies,and amputate stronger ones for advantage.


Earth gives the opponent a deadly roundhouse, than head locking him, to deal a numerous amount of damage until the enemy ain't struggling no more, than releasing them and punching them in the back of the head while they drop down on their knees.


Both bots are bought on Ebot by a wealthy young man named Raf Kent that wants to start a new career, robot-boxing.

Story so far

After Raf bought his new bots he decided to go to Crash Palace after he learned how to fight, taught by Charlie Kenton. First, he went to Finn to ask for a fight with the weakest bot around. Finn showed him Aquabot, and Raf quickly offered a fight. It was on. Raf first chose Earth to fight Aquabot. when the fight began, Earth Immediately charged and punched Aquabot in the chest,turning of his internal systems.That's it, fight's over. Blacktop's owner was amazed and offered Raf a fight, so, he accepted and fought using Cyclone this time. When the match started, Blacktop marched forward to do a couple jabs, but Cyclone was too quick and ended up getting uppercut instead. Cyclone attacked with a barrage of punches and then Blacktop fell for 7 seconds'. When he got up, it was too late. A DE-Cappuccino ended it, as the lifeless Blacktop fell down.

Raf got too cocky and got Earth to fight Albino. But after the first round, Earth survived, so, Raf's not as cocky as you might think. During the 2nd round, Earth immediately ankled Albino, then Albino fell down but evaded Earth's attacks until he got up, But Earth managed to amputate Albino's right, and pushed him. Albino didn't get up, so Earth won.

Then Raf got an invitation from the WRB for beating a WRB bot...................

The Menacing WRB!

The next day, Raf was pumped up! he traveled to Atlanta for the first time in the official ring. When he and his bots got there he was greeted by thousands of fans from the Crash Palace fights! His first opponent was Camelot. He put Cyclone in the ring with him, and the battle has begun! Camelot started it up with a big uppercut followed by a bunch of fists towards Cyclone, but Cyclone is just bobbin' and weaving till he finds the right time and Uppercuts him. Camelot is pushed to the ropes, and the round ended with Camelot taking minor injuries. During the second round Camelot was pushed to the corner, again this time taking horrible abuse by a series of hooks in the face. Camelot down, and down for the match. Cyclone won!

He was going cocky again and challenged Denster using Cyclone, but of course, although he is doing great on the first round, he still got his arm crushed during the 2nd, and was amputated, and the worst part, snapped in half by Denster in the final round anyways, but still kept on going. When the bell rung, the judges scored 40-47, and Blake(Denster's owner) took the prize money. Well, another robot to repair.... But, Blake challenged him to a 1v8 to fight all his bots. If a bot from Blake's team gets KO'd, Raf and Earth would still win...and he did. So, while repairing Cyclone with the money he got from the 1v8, and Earth was severely damaged from that fight, and now was challenged by a lot of people like Lance Reynolds. He was recently challenged by Shawn Shucks and all those guys.....

Now he's got a fight scheduled for Earth, against Shredder and drove there. Lance was already there. Not so long after the starting bell rung. Both bots ran to each other, but Shredder hit Earth and Earth fell. Got back up at 6, Earth took a pounding, but Earth ducked during an Right by Shredder and Uppercut him. Shredder got disorientated, and Earth got him in a headlock, kept punching it till he felt no resistance, than punching him in the back of the head( he did Tectonic Shift right there!). Shredder is down for 8 seconds. when Shredder got up, the bell rung. At the second round Shredder jumped and pounded Earth's head, but Earth did a Muscle-jab to the midsection. Both bots are down!!!


Raf thought Earth was great. He looked at the news, and it said that Destructobot, the strongest bot on Earth, has beaten up another bot, Ambush 2.0. "Wow," he said." I might have some fun..." So he called John Maxwell, Bush's owner,and called him, to meet at the Zoo. He then drove there with Earth. John got there in a matter of 30 minutes and they fought. Earth started with a big, slow roundhouse but Ambush 2.0 dodged with ease. Earth tried to hit Ambush 2.0 but he is to fast for him. Ambush 2.0 did an uppercut followed with a roundhouse. Earth managed to land a few jab but he was knocked out. John showed off but Earth has rised and ripped of Ambush 2.0 left arm. Earth pinned Ambush 2.0 and dented the lower chest.When Earth performs the finisher Ambush 2.0 dodged and knocked him over, and stomped on Earth power core as he tried to get up, but not before he made a huge dent in the face. Ambush 2.0 kicked at Earth again but Earth grabbed Ambush 2.0 leg which cause him to fall. the count started and if both of em failed that means a draw. Ambush 2.0 got up at 9 secs and Earth got up at 13 secs. So Earth lost. " But hey! it was fun...." Raf thought. they both liked the fight and became good friends.

High Speed Chase!

Raf reallllyyyyy got bored lately. Not a lot of people are on to fighting in the WRB today, so he went to Crash Palace w/ all his bots. When he was looking at the brute force of HollowJack, he realized he just lost something..... BLAC JAC WAS MISSING! Then he spotted a suspicious man that ran away with 2 bots, BJ and Block Buster. So he turned Minerbot and Cyclone on to chase them. The man rode on Blocks and busted out, so Raf got on Cyclone. The man then spilled a tub o grease and MinerBot slipped! MinerBot's head landed on a small pole which BUSTED OUT Minerbot's circuits. Raf used Wi-Fi to activate Earth, Everburn and Demon, into chase mode. they quickly chased up, except for slow Earth, and chased the man. The man then Jumped on BJ and left Blocks alone in Auto pilot to fight the bots! Blocks then Double uppercut Everburn, which decapitated Everburn, to put him down. but Demon then drilled Blocks' chest and ripped out Block's powercore. Earth finally catched up, and thanks to Cyclone's facial recognition, they tracked the man, who had stopped in a gas station. So they chased. When they got to the gas station, the man was already off, although they finally caught up to him. Then the man took a 44 Magnum outta his pocket and shot Demon's legs which made Demon leak, fall, and die. sothe man stopped in front of Tallet's Gym and said," I want Blac Jac 3.0. do not try to get it back." He then shot Cyclone in the head,which damaged his Facial Recog. he then used Blac Jac to rip off Earth's leg and Cyclone's arm and puched Cyclone. Cyclone and Raf fell, then Raf fainted. The next day, he woke up at the hospital. The nurse said that he was found lying next to a destroyed Robot Boxer. the nurse said the cops also found 5 other destroyed Robot Boxers, and 4 of them's handler being Raf Kent and the other one being Dex Air. He said he was bot handler Raf Kent, with clearance. he was healthy again the next week, and told the cops that 1 of his bots were stolen by Dex Air.( Check out my bots pages!!!)

Walk in the park

Cyclone and Earth were repaired. Raf went to the Fawk Hedhon Memorial Park. He was walking down and saw 2 bots and 2 men. He went there and met them. They Names were Flynn and Svenz. The bots are Sparky and Thor. They said they want to Tag team 2v2. So they did. They went to the park's ring and fought. Cyclone immediately did Ozone Buster to Thor. Earth roundhoused Sparky, but Sparky absorbed it, and uppercut Earth. Earth fell for five. But while Earth got up Thor threw Cyclone to Earth. They got up at 9. Sparky was then uppercut. Thor was pummeled by Cyclone and finally got "Nukefisted" by Earth. Thor busted. Sparky got up and ripped Cyclone's arm and Cyclone then just fell and died. Sparky and Earth punched each others face for decapitation. They're dead....... Flynn said, good fight and gave him a bot, Regen!


So Raf got an invitation to the Big Bad Rule-Free UW tournament and it says----> Pros only. So Raf is considered an Underworld Pro!

He went to Crash Palace to join. the other guys spotted joining are =

Artie Bakker, KingPin, James Tyrone, Arek Pekkanen, Shawn Shucks and many more!

During the day, he saw: Albino, Aquabot, Midas, Zookeeper, Throttle, Overkill, Blue Bot, Killing-Death, Black Top, Six Shooter, Danger Zone " Reborn", Hollow Jack, Fat Boy, Gambit, and Crimson Carnage. He used Cyclone of course.

So the fights went like:









Throttle did a ruthless uppercut and kicked Cyclone. "THROTTLE UP EVERYBODY!", shouted James. He wanted to end it in seconds. It did. Cyclone grabbed the leg and tore it off. Raf said the exact same thing and threw Throttle's leg to Throttle. Throttle down! Next was:





Cyclone charged but Zoo got him in a footlock. Cyclone kept punching but got hit by a big honkin' hammer. No! Cyclone is getting pummeled. put Cyclone somehow manages to tear up Zoo's abdoment and pull out communications or something... he pushed Zookeeper and Zoo died.



Reborn held Cyclone's head. He pulled it! Cyclone's head was barely attached. but he kept punching and pulled off Reborn's head!!! Cyclone was badly damaged. Thankfully you can substitute yer bots at finals! It's tomorrow.

The next day Shawn and Overkill was there. Raf and Earth were there. They fought Overkill. Overkill first tried to scan Earth's weaknesses, but Earth uppercut him. Lazy blocks and stuff from the first to fourth round. 5th round, Earth's arm is gone' so is 1 of Overkill's. Overkill knock's Earth down. He was showing off what he can do with 1 arm. Earth stood up and it was 2 late for Overkill, Earth charged and overkill lost a leg. Earth threw it to his no.1 fan,and continued.But the bell rung. The judges scores are: 1: E 45 O 45 2: E 60 O 30, third: E 30 O 60. Tie! they split the price money. Both also got a trophy and stuff. A ticket to Hawaii!

New Owners

After a while, Raf thought that he would give Cyclone and Earth to his good friends Louie Skie and Evan Carmen.

Wrestling Woo Woo

After the bots are given, they saw a wrestling club for boxing robots. Louie and Evan agreed to join. They were scheduled for a tag team match. the rules are: Ring out: KO, if you are pinned for 3 seconds, you lose. If they are applying pressure, no tap out. Either you escape, or break down. There they will fight against Ryder and Mystic Slayer. Ding! Cyclone goes first, and Louie is confident, Cyclone runs towards Ryder, and did a huge clothesline and elbow drop on Ryder. Ryder managed to escape the shot. Cyclone Irish Whips Ryder into a corner, and TBC

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