The cyber organics are unfortunate creations created by Terrorist Montan Reyes, built to be terrorizing war machines. Now under the care of Jaime Tommes


Montan Reyes was becoming bored of human combat. Spilling blood wasn't as exciting as it used to be since his Father Redline "Prototype" Reyes showed him.

The sport of robot boxing recently caught his eye, increasing robot activity ticked his homicidal mind. Animals had there own defences, and augmenting their abilities would make the ultimate weapon.

Montana captured numerous animals and took them in for testing in. The first attempts were failures, and created roamer bots Terror strike and Eagle tower.

Only a few survived their augmentations, which made Blue Scarab, Slapamander and Rhinox. These creations ruled the field, innocent lives were taken faster and faster with every addition of their powers. They were becoming more robotic, and were kept that way till Montan's demise at Jaime's hands.


After Jaime killed Montan, the war machines were left without purpose. Their former selves were gone, and they were about to become roamers when Jaime had an idea. He took the 3 survivors in and replaced their augmentations. He taught them to embrace their wild selves, fighting it only made them stronger.

For 3 years, they were war machines, now they live as vigilantes against the Black mask Terrorist group.

Rhinox, Slapamander and Blue Scarab finally realised what it was like to be free again. To be... an animal once more. Freedom was once at arms reach, held back by their robotic selves. But now they could live free again.

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