Name: Crusher

Title: The Gridiron Beast

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online


Crusher is a robot who was first added to the RS WRB game, then was added to the iOS version and later, he even came back in WRB 2. He is the third out of four football robots, the first two being Touch Down and Tackle, and the fourth one being Quarterback, precisely in that order. He is a buyable robot in the UW-II tier, however, he's not fightable neither in the Free Sparring Mode nor the Championship mode, the only way to fight him is in the Versus mode. In the iOS version, he is obtained when you buy Touch Down, Tackle, Quarterback and Gambit. In WRB 2, he's both a playable and fightable robot, along with several variations of him.

Announcer's Quote: "Crusher! The Gridiron Beast!"



Armor: 90/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 70/100


Health: 5200

Attack: 360

Special: 743

UW-II: 145


Crusher 002

Origin: USA

Ability: Static Strike - Throwback

Weight: 1325 LBS

Height: 8'3"

Feature: Fortified Breastplate

Special Moves:

1.- Touchdown (Original)

2.- Super Touchdown (Tackle)

3.- Ultra Touchdown (Touch Down)


Crusher 003

Crusher first appeared in RS WRB. He is painted mostly in red with minor bits of black and yellow. His biceps and thighs are texturized. His shoulder pads have spikes, like Hollow Jack's, and also his knees. He has the number "09" on his chest, back and both of his shoulder pads; this number is replaced by "12" in the iOS version. Just like Touch Down's, his face is pretty similar to an actual human face. He has red glowing eyes and articulated fingers. He seems to have a pretty advanced articulation, since his joints are barely visible and yet it doesn't seem to hinder his articulations and movements. In the iOS game his paint scheme is replaced, being now blue, white and red, to fit more with his american theming. In WRB 2 he keeps the iOS colors, only he's covered with spray paint all over his body, almost making him look like a paintball robot instead of a football robot.


  • In his card in WRB 1, his special move is written "Super-Charged Punch", while in the actual gameplay it's called "Touchdown".
  • In the iOS version, his colors change to the American flag's colors and his number is changed to 12.
  • He appears in the iOS game. He can be unlocked when you buy Tackle, Touchdown, Quarterback and Gambit.
  • He is one of the four football robots. The other three being Touch Down, Tackle and Quarterback.
  • He dismembers both arms and the head in his Rip Off. However, unlike Noisy Boy, he dismembers both of the opponent's arms in one strike, then another dismembers the head.
  • In the iOS version, he only removes the rival's arms, but not the head.
  • He comes back in WRB 2 almost totally covered in spray paint.
  • In WRB 2 he looks like if he had just walked out a paintball match.
  • He has two variants in WRB 2 called MVP 80 and Heisman '45, besides the original Crusher himself.
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