Name: Crimson Carnage

Title: The Doom Machine

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Crimson Carnage is a tall robot with a forge-themed look. He's the second Ukrainian robot to be introduced, with Bio War being the first one. He has long arms that almost reach his knees and one gauge on each shoulder. His torso is also very rare and unique since it's very different from the other robots'. Crimson Carnage has a spiked mace ball that spins on one of his hands and a fist with knuckle dusters on the other. In the RS iOS game he's about as good as Fiend, having only 1 less of armor but 1 more in speed and the exact same strength. In the RS WRB game he's a WRB 2 tier robot,and although he's buyable, the player can't fight him in Tournament nor Free Sparring mode. Overall he is a good robot himself.

Announcer's Quote: "Here's Crimson Carnage!"



Armor: 60/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 70/100


Health: 7800

Attack: 638

Special: 1316

WRB-II: 238



Origin: Ukraine

Ability: Rupture - Strike & Regen

Weight: 1208 lbs

Height: 8'6"

Feature: Rivetted Plate Armor

Special Moves:

1.- Gut Wrencher (Original)

2.- Super Gut Wrencher (Excavator)

3.- Ultra Gut Wrencher (Fat Boy)



Crimson Carnage is a robot with a rather unique look, since he has a forge-themed look for how he's introduced in his announcement video by Reliance Games. He is a quite tall robot, standing about as tall as Zeus and just a bit shorter than Abandon. He's painted with crimson paint throughout his body with gold trimmings and silver rivets and articulations. His face kinda looks like a gas mask, but not quite. He has pretty long arms, for when he's not in a fight pose they practically reach his knees, however, his torso and legs are a little bit more proportioned. He also has a glowing red light on his abdomen, a spinning maceball with spikes (reminiscent to Hollow Jack's) and a fisted left hand with knuckle dusters. Because of his assembly (the maceball in the right arm and the fist on the left one) he's pretty similar to Bio War in fighting style.


  • Crimson Carnage's nickname was originally going to be 'The Death Machine' but the implication of death was not approved to be used against robots, as robots do not think, therefore cannot 'die' but only be destroyed.
  • Strangely enough, Crimson Carnage's combos and special moves involve his right-hand maceball spinning against the abdominal area of opposing robots, which should surely destroy them, but does not.
  • Crimson Carnage's design is based off a forge, having heatclocks on parts of its body, and the glowing parts of his body are designed to look like they're being lit up by fire.
  • Crimson Carnage's Rip Off is similar to the Temple Punch tech move from Real Steel downloadable console game. The tech move is also Twin Cities' finishing move in that game.
  • Crimson Carnage and Bio War are the only 'bots made in Ukraine, and are both taller than Zeus, according to their cards, although in the game, they're either shorter or about the same height respectively.                                 
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