Power: 100/400 when in emergency mode

Health: 3000/5000 when in emergency mode

Special: Halloween Fright

Best Feature: Emergency Mode

Type: GB LEVEL 5

Handler: Anonymous (handler of Ultra Chaos)

Nickname: The Halloween Ripper, The Scarecrow of Doom.

Announcer's Quote: The Halloween Horror reborn, The Scarecrow of Doom, go screaming for Creepy Hollow!


Hollowjack was in pieces now. Lost against Death Stream, Fiend 2.0, Ultra Chaos and Warbeast. When Anonymous found him in a place where destroyed or discarded robots go, he took his bot's enemy's home. The bot was badly damaged. A week later, Creepy Hollow was built, and has to go to a match. Aquabot was in a park fighting other bots, and later, Hollow was dodging Aquabot's attacks and finally lands a punch in the head, knocking the tin can like head off. The crowd cheered and the money was 10.000$. Then Hollow took a match with Metro. Metro tried to Foot Clamp Hollow but failed and so Hollow landed a jump punch then stomped on Metro's head. The prize was Metro's head. Anonymous kept it in his brand new trophy room next to Aquabot's head. He had to make some upgrades, but he only had a new Shadow Box chip, a WRB controller, a G2 remote and an Emergency Mode chip. He inserted those in Hollow, and tested it with Blacktop. He used the WRB controller because it was good but Shadow Box was the best. Hollow landed a Halloween Fright then Blacktop was knocked out cold. Anonymous upgraded him with the Snake Neck (Yet another EPart item i bought). Fat Boy challenged The Halloween Ripper to a fight. Hollow launched an unstoppable combo of jabs and hooks and crosses and lower attacks. Then Fat Boy was finished by Hollow slamming his head to his opponent's head. Hollow won 25.999 and Fat Boy was demolished. Won against Bio War but came upon an exhibition and saw Albino. They fought. Albino wasn't as quick as Hollow, so the punches were too much for Albino. Later, Hollow received invitation from WRB for defeating a WRB bot. The first match was Noisy Boy. The Manga Mangler was defeated with Hollow's head slithering then hitting NB's head hard. Tackle then stood before the newcomer. Hollow was upgraded with high class hydraulics that was Fiend's before. Hollow won but OP robot Fiend challenged Hollow and Fiend's handler bets if Fiend won, he would get the hydraulics back. But if Hollow won, he got to receive Fiend's thick armor and fists. Hollow was nearly beat but suddenly activated Emergency Mode then started to launch the combo that destroyed Fat Boy. Fiend was demolished. Then Anonymous replaced those old fists with Fiend's then inserted Fiend's thick armor. Then Hollow got on a very, very, very long streak but Zeus was challenged. Then Zeus joined the party of robot heads.

Special Move

Hollow punches the opponent hard then slams them on the edge of the ring and lands a finishing blow by punching the head.

Rip Off

Hollow slams his own head using the Snake Neck into the opponent's head.

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