Hello Everyone, Tribound here. For some newcomers, they may be thinking of creating a custom bot. Well, if you want to create one, I may help you with it!

"Information may be outdated. Questions may be addressed by Tribound Himself"

Custom Bot History

Sometime around 2013, Diamondmatter created a rule that made almost everyone make custom bots. One of the very first successful bots is DoomFire.

Creating your own Custom Robot

Part 1: Thinking of a Name

First things first, search for the name that you are thinking. For example, you have a name in mind "Robot". You will put that into the search bar. If the robot name already exists, think of another name until you are successful. For example, you want a robot name called "Coolio" instead of "Robot" and you put that into the search bar. And then there are no results. If that is your happening, you are good to go.

Note: This is my preferred method of coming up with robot names.

Part 2: Constructing your Robot Page

To create a robot page, look for the top-right of the web page. You should see an icon of a paper. Click it and follow the directions.

Part 2.1: Adding the template

With your new robot page, click the very first line of the editing space and type your information of your robot. Add the stats, fights, and the story. You may use this template found here. You can also refer to the existing robot pages to give you an idea. Just bear in mind that you should not make your robot's stats and special features too OP, just level it with 90/100 above.

Note: Not necessarily 90 or above, just level it whatever you like! Just do not make it OP.

Part 2.2: How to Scale Robot power

First, the thing that you would be facing first is the robot's weight.

Lightweight Robot: Light robots are speedy in the competition, can unleash a barrage of punches, and can get up quick. However, downsides are that its punches are rather weak, and with the light weight, its head can easily be blown and can be easily thrown to the ropes. This kind of robot is recommended for people who does not want to go advanced, and wants to disturb the opponent.

Heavyweight Robot: Heavy robots are very powerful, can land a sick punch, and has lots of armor. But, the robot couldn't stand up quick, the robot has to rest a little between attacks, and is slow. This kind of robot is recommended for people who want heavy blows to quickly destroy opponent robots.

If you want more technical jargon (which is essential to bot building), try putting in exact weight levels. REMEMBER: A robot isn't the same size as a human, especially combatants.

Part 3: Pitting your Robot into a Fight

To place your robot into a fight you have two options:

Part 3.1: Fighting Movie and Game robots

Fighting these robots may be very easy and result in a win, unless you are fighting the strong ones. Fighting strong movie or game robots like Camelot, Zeus, and Crimson Carnage may be a hard fight, but consider these as wins except for Zeus, in which many custom robots are stuck with. They usually lose to Zeus 3 times and win at the 4th. I recommend you first fight the weakest bots, like Aquabot and Bluebot. Afterwards, you can fight Midas and rank up into the WRB. After that, think of stronger bots and fight them.

Part 3.2: Fighting Custom Robots

To fight Custom made Bots, refer to your opponent bot's page and check who is the owner. Click the owner's profile and go to the message board of him/her. Then, leave a message on his/her wall. You can discuss the fight there. You can also leave a message to your opponent bot's page about the fight. Either that or go and take a vote . The popularity poll will determine the winner of the matchup.

Part 4: Taking care of your Robot

Remember not to fight too many robots at a time. Chances are that your opponent will announce a loss and they might say that they ripped-off your robot, or rather destroy it. Otherwise, don't end up making your bot destroyed like this bot. If that happens, admit your fight loss/robot loss and make another bot of another name or use your other bot(s) if you have many.

Part 5: Success!

You finally made your own bot! Just keep in mind that you can own many bots. Just be very nice to bot owners!

The output of referring to another bot's page for stats, etc should be something similar to this. Otherwise, the output of copying a robot template should be something similar to this or this (different templates are used for these).

External Links/Trivia

Typical Fight Order

Directions: Start at robot 1 and continue until robot 17. You may take shortcuts to robots but not to much. After defeating Zeus, start avenging custom bots. If you already absorbed power in a robot that is under robot 17, you may advance to custom bots. Your choice. (Fighting order is optional, you can think up other bots like Gambit or Albino).

Listed below is the suggested fight ladder for your very own custom bot:

  1. Aquabot / Bluebot
  2. Metro / Six Shooter
  3. Blacktop
  4. Fat Boy / Blockbuster
  5. Bio War
  6. Hollowjack
  7. Atom (optional)
  8. Midas
  9. Blac Jac / Abandon
  10. Cosmobot
  11. Sun Wukong / Hattori 2.0
  12. Nitro
  13. Excavator
  14. Crimson Carnage / Touchdown / Tackle
  15. Sparowhawk / Steampunk
  16. Twin Cities
  17. Zeus
  18. Custom Bots

Credits and Ending

I would like to thank these awesome people:

Noisy bystander for telling me the basics of Custom Robot Fighting

Skysteam for letting me refer to his bot Bunker Buster for the stats

OverkillForTheWin, Mg1Pro exo, Midas-lover, Velociripper, and Ambus N.O1 fan for being my fight partners and

ScauldyTheScauldron and DarKSagE 4 for welcoming me to the wiki!

You guys are way awesome!

Suggested Robots

Some of the robots that will be listed are marquee favorites, or are true legends. Some even have twists in their lore. Some of the robots even are available for you to fight with!

Want to see my suggested robots? It's just a click away. Click here.

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