Craig Cartman is the friend and total opposite of Janise Keri. While Janise may be very spunky, Craig sticks to playing with his hamster, Fiddle. He is also known to flip people off when he feels VERY Negative.


Craig seems to be one of the most stoic, deadpan sophomores from his class, having a darker personality than the rest of the students, a trait exaggerated by his monotone voice.

However, he knows the fine line between cool and illegal. His demeanor makes it impossible to convince him to try stuff like Inhalants, Reefers, and Tobacco.

However, whenever he tries any legal stimulant, his entire personality changes. From a fluid, mostly emo, sophomore, caffeine brings out the crazy from him. For a brief 2 hour period, Craig becomes twitchy and paranoid, like his brother Tweek Cartman.

He doesn't feel much remorse when doing something bad, like stealing someone's pants or shining the finger. However, he is not merciless and will let someone live to tell the tale of his Mega Basket Fist.


Craig wears a blue jacket and a matching blue chullo hat with a yellow puffball on top. This Chullo Hat actually holds some neat snacks, like Snickers, Kit Kat, and a Cookie.


"Come get me, D Head." -Running off with someone's pants.

"I know my part in the plan, the real question is whether you do."

"Life sucks, but you suck even more." -His personal Roast

"Give me my F-ing laptop." -When John steels his laptop

"I have had it with this S***" - Before Le flipping off

"I'd drink to that, but I don't have any beer." -After someone roasts him. Note, Craig is dead inside.

"I'm not sure you have sanity" -Talking to Tweek

"Screw you guys, I'm going home" -Bailing out

"I am now: SUPER CRAIG!!" -When he's alone and wants to be funny. Note, Super Craig's outfit is just Jaime's Underwear.

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