Name: Count Mechula

Title: None

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Brawler

Status: Online


Count Mechula is a Region 2 opponent in the Real Steel Champions game. He's the third opponent in Region 2 after Big Mac and prior to Gun Hammer. He has Armadillo's head and torso, Twin Cities' arms and Bio War's legs. He's mostly painted in dark gray with orange being his secondary color. He also has the Double Damage boost. His parts used to be on their base form, but since the Part Categories update was introduced his pieces were upgraded to Silver Grade.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing Count Mechula!"


Health: 2600

Attack: 250

Critical: 26

RGN-2: 240

Boost: Double Damage



Count Mechula looks mainly like Armadillo due to his assembly, but he has Twin Cities' arms and Bio War's legs. He looks a little unproportioned since his head, torso and arms are quite skinny comparing them to Bio War's bulky legs. He's the third enemy to beat in the Real Steel Champions game in Region 2 on Story Mode. He appears after the player defeats Big Mac and before fighting against Gun Hammer. He has the Double Damage boost, which he will use almost at the beginning of the fight if the player is too skilled, but if the player is a newbie, he will use his boost around half the fight. Count Mechula is really dangerous if he gets to corner the player since he's quite fast for a Region 2 robot, the player must be careful not to let him corner them, otherwise they'll most likely lose the fight unless their bot is stronger or better equipped, in which case, Count Mechula won't be too much of a problem. He used to have his pieces on their base form, but since the Part Categories update was introduced he had all his pieces upgraded to Silver Grade.



Head: Armadillo (Silver Grade)

Torso: Armadillo (Silver Grade)

Right Arm: Twin Cities (Silver Grade)

Left Arm: Twin Cities (Silver Grade)

Right Leg: Bio War (Silver Grade)

Left Leg: Bio War (Silver Grade)



Intro: Gridlock

Heavy Attacks: Hammer Head, Elbow Slam, Spin Slash, Power Jab

Special Move: Glass Jaw Feint

Finisher: Camelot

Win: Albino


Base: Black 2

Body: Orange 2

Accent: Black 1


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