Name: Cosmobot

Title: The Space Ranger

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Blitz Cannon

Status: Online


Cosmobot is a robot who debuted in Real Steel WRB in 2013 when the game was released. He's the mini-boss of the WRB-I tier, the opponent after Gridlock and prior to the tier's boss, Twin Cities. He's the fourth rival the player will face in the region, and they gotta be very well equipped since Cosmobot is really strong and fast and may cause trouble to inexperienced players. He was later added to the Real Steel iOS game in 2016 and even made a comeback on the newly released WRB 2 on 2019, branding a new camo look. He's extremely popular among the fandom and even a fan favorite. He's been in 3 out of 4 Real Steel games, demonstrating his popularity. He has the Reconstruction ability and in the latest update, he got a second ability: Throwback.

Announcer's Quote: "Back from the dark side of the Moon! With a punch harder than a speeding asteroid! Cosmobot!"



Armor: 80/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 80/100


Health: 6400

Attack: 512

Special: 1179

WRB-I: 190

Boost: Double Damage


Cosmobot 002

Origin: Russia

Ability: Reconstruction - Throwback

Weight: 1451 LBS

Height: 8'2"

Feature: Tunguska 99 Motherboard

Special Moves:

1.- Retro Blaster (Original)

2.- Super Retro Blaster (Atom)

3.- Ultra Retro Blaster (Excavator)


Cosmobot 003-0

Being called "Cosmobot", he is based off a cosmonaut.

STAGE 1: He has a long arms and fists bigger than his head. Inside his helmet, he has a human-like face. His fists and feet will be rather blocky and his eyes glow in a blue light. He also has minor trimmings, being almost completely white.
  • Cosmobot's Original Appearance
  • Cosmobot's Stage 3 Appearance
  • Cosmobot's Stage 7 Appearance (1)
  • Cosmobot's Stage 7 Appearance (2)
STAGE3: When almost halfway upgraded, Cosmobot's arms will be larger and his body will have more armor. His white paint will be replaced by a light bluish paint with gunmetal and black trimmings. His fists will be smaller than the other two stages'.

STAGE 7: When fully upgraded, his whole body will become as big as Nitro's body. He will have more hoses throughout his body and his light blue color will be replaced with amore silverish paint with salmon trimmings. His eyes will have a more frowning look and will not glow anymore.


  • He has the greatest jumping skill out of all the robots.
  • Cosmobot's fists are bigger than his head.
  • Cosmobot is the third bot made in Russia, the other ones are Zeus, Asura and Wildfire.
  • Cosmobot may look a bit fragile, but he is incredibly quick in the intro.
  • On Cosmobot's right shoulder and his chest, you can see USSR markings, which refer to his armor being made out of salvaged Soviet planes remains.
  • In the iOS game he can either be purchased or obtained with trophies.
  • In the iOS game he appears with his Stage 7 look.
  • He comes back in WRB 2, branding a new camo look.
  • He has two variants in WRB 2: Yashin B2 and Vostok-1.
  • In the Real Steel WRB game, he has the 3rd most human-like face, falling behind Touch Down and Axelrod being in 2nd and 1st place respectively.
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