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Corona Temporary Speed Boost
Colors Baby blueish white (main),

gold (accent except eyes,

which are light blue)

Power 92/100 Same
Speed 98/100 173/100
Armor 82/100 Same
Strength 77/100 91/100 (Momentum)
Inteligence 95/100 Same
Special 68/100 Same
Overall 507/600 597/600
Core HP 4586 4586
HP Regen. Rate 6 2
TBR 5,180 6,030

Important Information

Origin: US

Height: 8'4.5"

Weight: 946 Lbs. (0.473 US tons)

Unique Abilities:

  • Parry- This bot can block and parry attacks (look it up)
  • Double Regeneration Rate- This bot has the ability to regenerate faster than other bots. Regeneration rate is 2 times faster than other bots.
  • Speed Boost Mode- Self explanatory, but, only for short burst of energy. This bot's speed almost doubles, but strength increases by 20 or so by momentum. This ability is normally used to dodge attacks quickly, or sneak behind opponents.
  • Sweeping- This bot can sweep another bot's legs making the robot fall to the ground.

Special Attacks:

  • Solar Flare- Heavy left upeprcut to the head, then a jumping right overhand to the head.
  • Sun Spot- Heavy uppercut to the chest, and a shove to the ropes from the head, usually sending the bot to the ground.


  • CME- (Coronal Mass Ejection) Double uppercut to the head, heavy left jab to the chest, right heavy forward elbow strike to the head.

Before Corona

After beating Zeus, Ben Jackson gained quite a reputation. Ben decided not to lay too much of a burden on Annihilator, so he decided to make another bot, just in case any tragedy occurred, and since he's loves space, he decided to make a star themed bot (not a robot with sparkles around it, it's more physically sharp than sparkly).

As an experienced robot fighter and blacksmith (or making robot stuff, however you want to call it), he decides to make another strong bot. With a good budget now, he can afford appropriate materials for making it.

Making Corona

The weeks go by as Ben makes the robot. Months go by into programming it. Note that programming isn't Ben's strength, so when he was testing his new bot, it would do some unpredictable stuff. More months go by, and Ben finally has an efficient bot to fight with. But this time, it's different. Instead of going all out on attacks, Ben decided to make a robot, with speed.

Ben finally has a bot that can fight after many months of blood, sweat and tears. But it doesn't have any color, at least, good colors. Ben decided to go with something more uplifting, rather than phantom, or dark. He chose the colors, baby blue, white with a baby blue tint, and gold (not Midas yellowish gold, but gold gold). Ben spends hours working on a blueprint for the colors and where they should be. He finally comes up with one. He spends days more on painting his bot. The day goes by, and Ben has his new bot. With all of the colors and designs, he decided to call it, "Corona". Ben says, "Let's put you in your first fight."

As Ben places Corona in the trailer he owns, he says, "Annihilator, root for him." Ben smiles as he closes the trunk.

Crash Palace: Gambit

Corona meets Gambit in the ring, and the bell dings. Ben monitor's Corona's statistics, as it fights. Gambit charges towards Corona but Corona evades the attack by stepping to the left side, and pushes Gambit to the ground. The crowd starts counting, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9..." Gambit gets up and shoves Corona to the ropes and uses Ace in the Face, but Corona gets out of firing range in the middle. Ben presses a trigger and Corona's eyes flicker and grow brighter. Just as Gambit was about to use a right chest uppercut, Corona violently dodges, and charges behind Gambit, and double hammer-fists Gambit's head, and Gambit goes down. Ben called the charge, Speed Boost mode (yep, so original). The crowd starts counting, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" Ben states at this moment, "I'm glad I pre-programmed you." Ben collects his $1,000 reward and leaves Crash Palace.

Crash Palace: No Joke

Corona meets No Joke in the ring, and the bell dings. Corona immediately dives in for a left uppercut to the head, but No Joke blocks and uses Prankster (or Jumping Jack). Corona blocks the last half and blocks late enough to deflect No Joke's left backhand to the head, and uses a heavy left uppercut to the head, then a jumping right overhand to the head, sending No Joke to the ground, which Ben calls, Solar Flare. The crowd counts, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7..." No Joke gets up and gets hit with a left right hook combo to the head, then a double uppercut to the head. No Joke stumbles backwards, and gets hit to the ground with a double hammer-fist (hands clasped together in one hammer-fist) to the head. The crowd counts, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" "You gotta be joking!" Ben says a little louder than normal. Ben collects his 1.5K.

Crash Palace: Six Shooter

Corona meets Six Shooter in the ring, and the bell dings. Six Shooter goes in for the attack, but Corona stops Six Shooter with a left right uppercut combo to the head. Six Shooter backs off, and prepares to use Gunmetal Barrel Punch, and misses Corona, but hits Corona's head with a swift right hook to the head. Corona stumbles backwards and prepares to use Sun Spot (description above). It hits, and Six Shooter makes its way off of the bars, only to get hit straight away with Solar Flare. Six Shooter goes down, and the referee counts, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7..." Six Shooter gets up, and uses Gunmetal Barrel Punch, and this time hits Corona. Barely, and shoves Corona to the ground. The referee starts to count, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..." Corona gets up, and uses and attack Annihilator uses. Pummel, but it's a weaker and faster variation, though. Six Shooter is sent to the ground, and the referee starts to count, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! Knock-out!" Ben collects 3K.

The Zoo: Metro

Corona meets Metro in the stadium. King Pin shouts, "Are you sure you want your robot dummy to get torn up?" Ben replies, "I dunno. Annihilator destroyed Metro. Corona has a chance at beating Metro, too."

The bell rings, and Metro stumbles its way to Corona and swings its hammer fist at Corona. Corona ducks, but too late and gets slammed in the head. Corona flies to the other side of the ring. The crowd screams, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..." Corona gets up and charges towards Metro and uses Solar Flare. Metro stumbles backwards and uses its foot trap. Corona evades and uses Sun Spot. Metro stumbles backwards again. Metro smashes Corona's head with a double hammer-fist. Corona goes down, and the crowd counts. Corona doesn't get up.

Ben leaves with the crowd and King Pin laughing at him. Ben loses 10K.

First Repair

Ben brings Corona to his house, and repairs it in his garage, "Well, you did great. But, you're light and delicate. I knew I should've activated Speed Boost mode. So, first things first, we gotta fix your squashed head, and upgrade its durability."


Ben shouts in pleasure, "Ha! Okay. It's time for a rematch, but first, I have a challenge for you."

Kong Tron

Corona meets Kong Tron in the ring. The bell dings, and the bots advance towards each other. Kong Tron goes in for a heavy right hook to the head, but Corona ducks, and right hooks Kong Tron to the head (but due to Kong Tron's momentum, Corona's attack power doubled). The arms are now interlocked, and Kong Tron does 2 right jabs to the head, and pushes Corona's arm away. Corona gets flung into the ropes and gets hit with Kong Tron's stomping and swinging signature move. Corona falls to the ground. Corona gets up in 5 seconds, but gets immediately knocked back down by another swing to the head. Ben states, "So far your head is holding up." Corona gets up after 3 seconds, and dodges a heavy double hammer-fist. Corona uses Solar Flare, and Kong Tron stumbles backwards. Kong Tron's head is now heavily damaged, since the owner never repaired the "wounds" for intimidation. Ben decides to make Corona end the fight with a double uppercut to the head, heavy left jab to the chest, right heavy forward elbow strike to the head, which sends Kong Tron's head sliding across the ring. The referee shouts, "Annihilation knock-out!" Ben leaves the ring after collecting 5K.

The Zoo: Metro- The Sequel

Corona meets Metro in the ring, and the bell dings. The bots advance towards each other, and straight away does Mallet Smackdown. Corona evades, and does a heavy right uppercut to the head. It didn't do as much damage as Ben would've wanted it to. Immediately after the uppercut, Corona does a right swinging elbow to the head, and Metro stumbles back. Metro tries to swing at Corona's head, but before Metro could swing, Corona used a right left jab combo to the head 3 times. Metro goes down, and the crowd starts counting, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" King Pin starts screaming as he walks to Ben, and just like last time shoves the money at Ben. Ben thanks him as he walks away with the 10 grand he lost.

Forever Defeated

Corona meets Midas in the ring. The bell dings, and the bots advance towards each other. Midas goes in for a left right jab combo, and misses. Corona then uses Sun Spot. Midas stumbles backwards. Midas prepares Tomahawk Blow. Corona evades and uses Solar Flare. Midas blocks and does a heavy right uppercut to the head. Corona flies to the ropes. Midas approaches Corona and does 3 over hands to the head. Corona stumbles to the side and uses a jumping right hook. Midas steps to the side and shoves Corona to the corner, and uses a double hook combo to the head. Corona blocks and uses a double uppercut to the head, a heavy left jab to the head, and a swinging right elbow to the head. Midas' head is stopped from flying because of the piston. Ben thought this would be a good finisher and calls it CME. Immediately, Midas uses a heavy right overhand, then a left head uppercut. Corona's head is severely mangled. Midas uses Tomahawk Blow again. Midas then uses several chest uppercuts. Corona's body is torn and beaten, until cracks start to form. Midas hits the arms and they stop functioning. Midas then tears the arms off with 2 heavy crosses. Finally, to end the match, Midas does a heavy left hook to the head, and Corona flies to the ground, and the head flies into the crowd. The match ends, and Ben loses 12.5K.

Ben scraps the remaining parts of Corona and gets 15 grand.

Battle Catalog

Battles and Their Outcomes

Bot Name KO? KO Type Loss? Draw? Money Earned Money Lost
Gambit X KO 1K
No Joke X KO 1.5K
Six Shooter X KO 3K
Metro X 10K
Kong Tron X AKO 5K
Metro (Rematch) X KO 10K
Midas -- -- X -- -- 12.5K


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