Power: 200/100

Health: 2000

Special: 400

Origin: Unknown (probably an abandoned factory)

Handler: Sucilultraman. (i was thinking about D.R.O.I.D but chose myself instead)

Nickname: The Second Herald, The Plague Doctor.

Story (note this is a first person story and it is made up)

I was busy scavenging parts and found none but something caught my eye. It was a plague doctor mask and hat. I dug inside and found an old WRB bot, and it looked like a plague doctor. I was excited and put it in a really huge case that belonged to me, and it could fit a single bot inside, I studied, upgraded and repaired the bot for a week and decided to spar against one of the weakest, most disrespected bots ever that is Aquabot. I named the bot Contagion and sparred against Aquabot, but Contagion was a tough match for Aquabot. My bot blasted some kind of pestilence smoke and Aquabot was dust now. I was shocked by the smoke thing and decided to scan the insides with my scanner. There, i found a core named Pestilence Core and this allowed Contagion to summon the deadly smoke for a Rip-Off. I found a message and it read " I have heard of your bot's pestilence powers. To prove it true, fight against Metro at the Crash Palace." So i went to Crash Palace and my bot got a reputation because of the powers. There, i saw Metro. Contagion dodged a cross combo and landed a heavy blow, and Metro was suffering from many blows from Contagion until my bot put an end to Metro using the smoke. I was repairing Contagion in the Palace until a bystander invited me to a match on the Trailer Park at 12.00 pm sharp. I got to the Park and placed my bot alongside Blacktop but Contagion decapitated Blacktop before the fight started and then jumped to the ring where people were waiting, raising the head for people to see. One man text messaged me to fight his bot Blockbuster. We won. Then Contagion won against Bio War by making him very weak with the smoke. My bot's last Underworld fight was Hollowjack. I liked how the bot looked because i like scary stuff. No time to think about it though because i'm in a serious match. Contagion was outmatched but summoned a smoke hand to twist the head. Then my bot fought Cardinal Chaos, and it was easy. CC showed no mercy but Contagion was worse. He ripped off CC before CC even landed a blow! I applied the thick armor and added spikes to the fists to deal more damage. We got on a long streak with Skar, Blacjac, Cosmobot, Sun Wukong, Nitro, Excavator, Fiend, Steampunk, Twin Cities but challenged to a match with Zeus. The spikes damaged the armor so Contagion ripped off the adaptive fight code and Zeus was no champion anymore.

Rip Off

Contagion releases a deadly smoke to destroy enemies.


Can emit deadly smoke

Spikes weaken armor

Thick armor

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