Com-Buster is an underworld bot who often fights in the crash palace. He has 2 loses and 3 wins under his belt, giving him a 60% success rate. Com-Buster is one of the most advanced crash palace fighters, almost reaching to a generation 3. Com-Buster always decides to play by the rules, so "Underworld threats" don't fear him as much. In fact, his only 2 loses came from Midas and Slicer.

Appearance- He is mainly blue and green and has a screen across his face

Name- Com-Buster

Title- The growing virus

Generation- 2 (.5)

Bot type- Blitz cannon

Handler- Albert Alterez

Status- Online

Origin- USA

Power- 56/100

Health- 46/100

Speed- 52/100

Defense- 33/100

Special attack- 47/100

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