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Enemy list

Human enemies

  • Black Mask Shooter
    • Black Mask Shooters are basic enemies with assault rifles. They shoot on sight and are there to get your attention with your bots.
  • Black Mask Bomber
    • Bombers are masters of the wild, if they weren't as loud as an atomic bomb, that is. These guys are loud and proud, and most of them are suicide bombers. Try to kill them before they get within reach of you
  • Black Mask Muscle-Head
    • Who needs guns when you got fists the size of your head?! Muscle-Heads sponge up the damage caused by guns and deal HUGE melee damage. They can lunge and jump 3 stories high, but when they land, it's like comparing a meteor with a cannonball. You can see the difference of other enemy landings.
  • Black Mask Lead shooter
    • When you have to choose between a tiny pistol and a gigantic mini-gun, your not exactly gonna be subtle. This guy eats little s**ts like Janise and Nethan for breakfast, and he shoots pure lead, no metal jackets. The lead has a thin coating of arsenic, meaning those who are hit loose health over time.
  • Black Mask Tank pilot
    • Tank pilots are in charge of huge tanks with legs!! Tentacle legs to be precise. They are weak without their tank, but with them, they are an unstoppable force. Instead of shooting lead, the tanks shoot Electricity out of the barrel

Robot enemies

Ambus Storyline (follow this guideline for the story):

Scene 1:Fending off another wave of bots. Almost wiped out. Decide to raid, argument. Divide into teams. Paul gives rigged hacking device.

Scene 2: Team Raider set out to salvage equipment. Ambushed while salvaging at city ruins. Lost comm by ambush (Team A. Janise and Raymond, Team B: John) Janise and Raymond meets survivors. Add in scene where Janise making up to Raymond about Twister. Fight the bots at the city ruins building to escort the survivors, meeting John in the process. Spotlight goes to Team Defender, fighting off yet another wave of bots. Vinzer notices Paul’s acting weird, but doesn’t really care. Paul secretly rig bots. War preparations

Scene 3: Team Raider escorts the survivors by hitching a ride on a escorted payload. Attacked on the way. Fights it off yet again. Major damage to Ambush 2.0.  Go back to base. Meets Team defender. Random conversation. Raid preparations.

Scene 4: At night, they raid. Successful until the hack. The hacking device is actually an alert system. Escapes. Only Ambush 2.0 is left while the other two are disabled. The robot raided our own base. When fighting, Defender’s bots are suddenly disabled. Captures Team Defender.

Scene 5: Defenders made a comm with scrap parts and communicate with Raiders, provided inside information and weakness. Raiders fixed Ragnorak (Only enough time to repair one of them), gathered equipment from raided base. Raid the enemy base again, (Plan B,water with alkaline metal). Ragnorak carriers the payload while Ambush 2..0 acts as a body guard. Escort all the captives to safety first. Team Defenders regain their robot and start to fight. Defenders fight their way out. Ambush 2.0 escorted Ragnorak to the robot factory. Met Paul, Ambush 2.0 fought Amalgamera while Janise and Raymond set up explosives on the water tank. Leaving the payload on the ground, the team tried to leave, but blocked off by Amagamera and clone army. Team Defenders rescuses Team Raider. Escapes, blow up the enemy base. Hint of Paul and Amalgamera are still fine and intact.

Chapter 2: Sir Lance-alot

The truck burst through thse barrier, running over piles of scrap. They had accidentally made too much momentum and where about to drive off a huge drop. "Watch out!" screamed Vinzer and Paul from the radio. "I got this." Jaime said. He jumped out of the trailer and gripped onto the sides. The world turned slow. The ground in front of Jaime was covered in formulas and angles. He looked at the surrounding trees, calculating their integrity. Jaime was finished, and he acted.

The world sped up again as Jaime held his katana out, securing it to the side of the truck with a big steel lock. It cut through a few oaks, but a lucky redwood made contact with the sword. Jaime asked John to hit the breaks and swerve right. The truck used the momentum and turned a sharp right as the crew in the trailer jostled around. Janise's face was green with puke.

Jaime used the momentum of the truck to cause it to capsize. It tumbled on the side of the drop with relatively no damage, thanks to slowing down. The air bag fired, which protected John. The world slowed down again as Jaime encountered another problem, he had to give the least damage to the members in the trailer. His brain tried to connect it together, but the math just didn't add up. Then he remembered Rost's Crossbow (Ambus, I'm making Rost a Hijack Survival exclusive bot). He turned Rost on and fired the grappling cables. The cables tightened, causing the truck to slow down. They were still tumbling like tumble weed. The cables tightened harder, causing the truck to scrape the ground with it's right side.

"HOLD ON!!" Shouted Jaime as he thrust a spare Hollowjack arm into the ground.The truck jarred a stop as Jaime fell onto the floor, Exhausted. He opened the trailer doors and did a check on everyone.

Raymond's boot was stuck on Janise's face. John was holding on to the ceiling, or rather stuck flat on it. Raymond's head was right on top of Ragnarok's. "Raymond! Why'd your boots have to be as big as your bottom..." "Jaime, you are so paying for this" "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE THE WORST AT STOPPING MOVING OBJECTS WITHOUT CAUSING MUCH DAMAGE!!! MY HEAD IS ON A RAG!!" "That's Ragnarok to you" All of them complained (Except John, who laughed "Best roller coaster EVA!") as Jaime's face was covered in blue lines (The anime "Sorry" face). I'm gonna get killed, thought Jaime.

A gruff voice barked through the radio "Oy! You people alright?" Janise picked up the radio, "Well, we are mostly fin-BLEGGUH!", vomiting on top of the radio. "Hmph, if you people are alright I'll leave you be, better return to base in case the General cut my wages." Paul responded.

I am a Monster

Withered bonnie fills this


YES! You have heard me right. Did you think that Hijack Survival was gonna be a no song fan story? You can throw in your songs below. They go in order, from 1 to 20. Mark if your song has lyrics or not and apply them below the song title (ADD DETAILS FIRST!!)

1. Till I Collapse -Eminem. Because it's a Real Steel OST song and it kinda fits with the not-gonna-give-up-resistance-theme of the collab. (w. lyrics) -Noisy

2. Reese's Puffs rap.

Hey hey HEY don't you dare give a crap about removing that glorious rap...

jk lol here's my real one

2. Seven Nation Army (original) - The White Stripes: We're pretty much fighting a nation filled with challenging and bone-crushing machines.

3. 我不歸去 -譚嘉儀: A Chinese song for one of our greatest stories. It would be perfect for romantic scenes. Here's my favorite version and a translation I made myself.


I thought it would be fun to throw in bosses. So we start from the Behemoth fight all the way to Broken Evanworth. Throw your own fights here and there.

Note, Bosses with quotations around their names are Evanworth's multiple identities.

Fight order:

  1. Shield Charger Nitro
  2. Behemoth
  3. Gridlock Super Hunter
  4. Behemoth Devourer hybrid.
  5. Corrupted Ragnarok
  6. Sixshooter/Midas/Blockbuster Rusher
  7. Corrupted Rost
  8. Corrupted Ragot
  9. Corrupted Twilight
  10. Six shooter Bomber (New bot type I'm working on)
  11. Corruptor
  12. Corrupted Ambush 2.0
  13. Blacktop/Midas Behemoth
  14. Broken Evanworth (DECOY)
  15. "Blight Hanon"
  16. "Hellstorm"
  17. "Water Ganon"
  18. "Mech-Tech"
  19. Broken Evanworth Phase 1
  20. Broken Evanworth Phase 2
  21. Omega (Evanworth's secret mech suit)
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