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Cobalt is a G2 'Bot that currently resides in Midland, MI. His land of origin is U.S.A. Compared to Crusader and Kamikaze, Cobalt is by far the most durable. His unique feature is his Cobalt Plating, Cobalt can take a pounding and survive not even with a scratch. Cobalt is Fast, and Durable, and is now an up and running Superstar in the WRB.       


Cobalt's Colors are: Cobalt Blue, Pearl White, and Dark Blue.

His parts consists of upgraded parts from: Frost, Six Shooter, Albino, and Hollowjack

Head: Frost (Platinum)

Torso: Albino (Platinum)

Arms: Six Shooter (Platinum)

Legs: Hollowjack (Platinum)


Strength: 62/100

Speed: 89/100

Intelligence: 53/100

Durability: 97/100

Skill:​ 57/100

Total: 358/500


Cobalt has his own set of moves and some pre-installed that are projected from Gauge's Customized Voice Command Headset

Moves: Blur Uppercut, Thunder Push, Bolt-in Dodge, Cobalt Overdrive.

Special Move: Blue Bolt Barrage




  • Cobalt was used as a sparring bot for both Crusader and Kamikaze, but one time Cobalt knocked out Crusader, Gauge knew Cobalt has potential.
  • The Cobalt Plating costs Exon a whopping $60,000


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